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Come work with us

There’s a world of opportunity at Nestlé Waters, with jobs available at our leading brands around the globe. We’re always searching for talented, ambitious people with the energy and enthusiasm we need to match our success with yours as we build our brands and business.

Find an opportunity

The best job for you is doing something you love. If you take a little time to think about the things you’re good at, that you enjoy and that give you true satisfaction, you’ll get a better idea of what your true strengths are – and you’ll have a better idea of an opportunity to match those strengths. Are you great with people, or even better with processes? Do you love solving problems, or are you passionate about persuading people?


Read the job description

Every opportunity we advertise will include a job description. It helps you decide whether the role is right for you – and helps us decide whether you are right for the role. Take time to read everything and find ways to show us you have the skills and potential we’re looking for. Tailor your resumé to the job by including relevant achievements – whether at work, through volunteering or any other part of your life. It’s a great way to make sure your application stands out from the crowd.

Some examples:

Problem: Inefficient delivery of ingredients to a small chain of restaurants

Action: Reorganised delivery routes and times

Result: Reduced shortages by 65% and increased profits by EUR 35k


Problem: Low turnout at student elections

Action: Improved digital communication strategy of Student Union in run up to election

Result: Participation increased by 150%


Problem: Low sales of confectionery at local cinema

Action: Organised sellers to offer candy directly to cinemagoers in the auditoriums

Result: Increased confectionery revenues by 73%

Submit your application

Take time to tailor your application to the job, and make sure you have included everything the job post asks for. Don’t be afraid to talk about anything else in your life – like volunteering, experiences or interests – that make you stand out from the crowd and make us want to find out more about you. After all, we want to work with real people, not robots. So be positive, be proud… and above all, be honest.

Once you’re happy with your application, send it to us as instructed.

If we decide to take your application to the next stage we’ll be in touch to organize an interview in person, by phone or via videoconference.


"I mentioned the fact I was learning coding in my application, even though I’d only been to my first couple of classes. I couldn’t believe it when I was invited to interview, but they told me my willingness to keep learning and keep expanding my horizons made them want to meet me.”