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We grow when you grow

At Nestlé Waters, we’re expanding, which means plenty of room to learn, develop and improve. Growth brings opportunities. Some of them are global. Most of them will be found in our diverse local companies and other Nestlé enterprises. Growth offers chances to do new things, take initiatives and innovate. We’re not looking for people who just want to get the job done or work alone. We want people who will work together to create success for everyone.

Inspirational leadership: coaching, feedback, transparency

At Nestlé, we’ll help you develop as a professional and perform to the best of your ability. You and your career are both important to us. We encourage open, honest and transparent conversations. Coaching and mentoring are embedded in our culture. We want to help you unlock your potential.

Create frequent conversations about performance and development

Our new global “People, Development & Performance” (PDP) approach merges our two former processes (PE & PDG) into one. It allows a holistic performance assessment and focuses on coaching and conversations. “Simplifying the approach enables differentiation and transparency for employees,” says Matt Stripe, Head of Human Resources at Nestlé Waters. “It is a shift from a transactional to a dialog perspective."

Global career development possibilities

Nestlé has launched a Global Youth Initiative that widens the reach of its successful program in Europe. The initiative aims to develop young talent and help tackle the global youth unemployment crisis.

Attract talents with dedicated programs

To attract Vietnam’s best talent, Nestlé Waters – La Vie has set up two youth initiative campaigns: the Sales Trainee and the Management Trainee programs. The goal: provide fast-track career opportunities for brilliant students. The programs also serve to raise public awareness of Nestlé Waters – La Vie as a responsible employer of choice.


Growth provides career development opportunities

As the #1 bottle water company in the world, Nestlé Waters posts annual growth of more than 6%. This growth is the foundation of development opportunities for our employees worldwide.

Offer the chance to evolve from bottom to top

From Forklift Operator to Factory Manager: A success story
Darren Thornton had been named Factory Manager for the East Dispenser Service Center in Somerset, New Jersey –a remarkable career milestone for Darren, who joined NWNA as a Forklift Operator in ElkGrove Village, Illinois, when he was just 19 years old. After becoming Warehouse Trainer, he held several Logistics Coordinator positions before becoming Warehouse Manager, and finally Production Manager.

“Nestlé has offered me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I’ve been able to learn, develop and move halfway across the country, all while continuing to be a part of an industry-leading, growing company.”

Darren Thorton, Factory manager


Employee feedback

  • No. 1 bottle water company in the world with an annual growth rate of over 6%
  • 82% of our employees feel their skills and abilities are made of good use
  • 80% of our employees feel their job provides them the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work. Sources: 2016 NI NW Summary Presentation Deck