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We create through your creativity

People inspiring company

The Nestlé group gives its employees wide horizons for their ambitions. It enables them to pursue success on a large scale. It reinforces Nestlé Waters’ wide range of iconic global brands and flourishing local brands. It supports us as a winning business in a growing category. That means that, as Nestlé Waters employees, we work towards a dynamic environment of creative collaboration that reveals the best in all of us. We are expected to challenge the status quo. This is our opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture. Nestlé Waters is a place where you can be more.

Agile organizations

At Nestlé Waters, our agile organizations allow everyone to play their part in positively challenging the status quo.

Promote Excellence within the company

Nestlé Waters United Kingdom received a Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) Award for innovation in the field of customer relationships by simplifying and standardizing their pricing process. As a result, invoicing accuracy rose from 90% to 98% and customer claims fell by a worth of 2 million GBP.

Develop agile & flexible organization

The Distribution Planning team at San Pellegrino in Italy launched an initiative to balance the team workload. Results: faster response to customer demand and 1,600 hours of work saved per year.

Strategic thinking on a global scale

At Nestlé Waters, we are no stranger to long-term investments designed to increase our production capacity, improve our technologies, and preserve the environment.

Invest in the long term for our iconic brands

In France, 200 million euros were invested to transform the Perrier bottling site. This ambitious project consists in the construction of a single modern, centralized, 100,000m² production unit and the installation of five new bottling lines, upping the total production capacity to 14 lines. The production target for 2020 is two billion bottles!

Committed to bottle innovation

Danone and Nestlé Waters are teaming up to create a 100 % bio-based PET plastic bottle. This “NaturALL Bottle Alliance” aims to develop the process for producing at least 75% bio-based PET on an industrial scale by 2020, and 95% by 2022. Research will continue with the aim of producing 100% bio-based PET.

Wide range of iconic brands and flourishing local brands

Nestlé Waters is well known for its iconic brands such as Perrier and San Pellegrino. It also develops a range of local brands that also have a story to tell.

Create innovative worldwide campaigns for iconic brands

The iconic French brand Perrier showcases its range of flavored slim cans in a creative promotional film made by the Ogilvy advertising agency. Lemon, mint, citrus and strawberry are just some of the exciting flavors available.

In Italy, San Pellegrino celebrates 1 billion bottles sold in 2016 with specially commissioned artwork by Japanese artist Kensuke Koike. Using San Pellegrino labels, Kensuke has created an imaginary vision of water as the element that gives origin to life. Over four million bottles of San Pellegrino are produced daily and distributed to 145 countries.

Help our local brands flourish

A campaign to highlight the local roots of the US brands Ozarka and Zephyrhills has been launched. The “From here. For here.” tagline illustrates the close ties of these products to their communities, an important differentiator for American consumers seeking products that reflect their community and environmental values.

Superheroes of the Justice League such as Superman and Wonder Woman have been called to action to promote hydration and combat obesity. The launch of the Brazilian Nestlé Pureza Vital Kids Super Heroes range was accompanied by campaigns and events designed to encourage parents to replace the sugary beverages their children drink with fun bottled water. In Brazil, 35% of children are overweight and 16% are obese.

Testimonial :

The company has always challenged us as employees to come up with new and better ways to get results needed to be successful. The empowerment Nestlé Waters gives drives everyone to a higher engagement."

Marc, factory manager


Employee feedback

  • 81% feel they have sufficient decision-making authority to do their jobs well
  • 81% feel their departments are encouraged to come up with innovative solutions to work-related problems