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We care about our employees

At Nestlé Waters, we work responsibly to produce healthy products for our consumers and strive to deliver benefits to communities and the environment. We apply this same level of responsibility to the way we treat our workers.

We prioritize safety, value people for who they are and work hard to offer them an environment in which they can thrive. We believe in people. And that means believing in the safety of our employees. It means creating an open, responsive work environment. It means communicating with our employees openly, and ensuring they have the information they need. It means establishing a culture of respect.

We’re committed to a successful, sustainable future. And we know this future begins at Nestlé with the people who work there. That’s why we care deeply about our employees.

Safe and supportive working environment

At Nestlé Waters, we strive to ensure that our workplaces are safe and healthy for the people who work there. Our aim is to achieve zero work-related injuries and illnesses.

Eliminate the risk of injury

Ten Life Saving Rules (LSR) have been identified based on the causes of serious accidents at Nestlé. These rules build on the experience of our businesses and integrate the learnings of other large corporations. Implementation kits are distributed to all employees and contractors on all of our sites, and interactive training is provided to ensure full understanding.

Apply Safe Office Standards

The office environment may not be as dangerous as a production site or delivery route, but risks do exist. At Nestlé Water North America, a visual reminder of 20 important safety practices has been created to increase safety for employees, contractors and visitors.

Reduce commuter accidents

In Vietnam, virtually all employees travel to work by motorcycle, and many do not wear helmets. To increase driving safety, La Vie has distributed more than 1,000 helmets to its employees.

Working on sustainable actions

Reducing waste and ensuring sustainable water supplies for local populations are two principles that guide our projects and how we operate.

Work with clean energies, reduce waste

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) generates less carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions than other fuels, and contains no sulfur dioxide. Our Acqua Panna plant in Italy has begun the transition to LNG. This innovative fuel will gradually be extended to the entire plant. An important step toward sustainability and environmental protection.

Promote responsible water resource management

In China, the Nestlé Sources Tianjin ltd. factory has been recognized by the city’s Water Resource Bureau as one of the leading water saving organizations. Tianjin is China’s fourth most populated city, and water scarcity is an issue in the region. Of the roughly 1,500 applications submitted by local companies, our factory was one of the 160 to be awarded.

Creating shared value

Creating shared value remains a fundamental guiding principle for how we do business. The health of our company is intrinsically linked to the health and resilience of the society we operate in. This is why we seek to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Give access to clean and safe drinking water

In Nigeria, a new community water facility has been built in Maderegi, providing clean, safe drinking water to more than 1,000 villagers. The water, which can be used for drinking, cooking and washing, will help reduce the number of people, especially children, suffering from waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid.

Committed to environmental stewardship

The North American mountain spring water brand Arrowhead increased its use of recycled plastic in bottle production. Working with partner CarbonLITE industries LLC, Arrowhead now makes 9 out of 10 bottles using 50 % recycled PET. This means approximately 1.8 billion fewer bottles in landfills.

Promote healthy hydration worldwide

We seek to help build healthier generations by sharing our knowledge on hydration habits and promoting plain water from any source as a top choice for hydration by individuals and families.

Promote healthy lifestyles

“Diàlogo por to salud”, or the “Dialogue for your Health” series, is a partnership between the Mexican Ministry of Health and Nestlé Waters Mexico, designed to raise awareness among health sciences students on the importance of promoting healthy habits in the population. This initiative continues to strengthen our strategic partnership with the Mexican Ministry of Health.

“My company recognizes that I have a life outside work.”
John Jones, Mechanics Operator

Employee feedback

  • 84% of our employees feel the company promotes a healthy work environment
  • 90% support the values for which Nestlé Stands
  • 87% of our employees believe strongly in the goals and objectives of Nestlé
  • 93% of our employees believe strongly in the products and services Nestlé provides