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Sanpellegrino reports on “The Future We Share”

Discover “The Future We Share”, the 2020 sustainability report from Sanpellegrino Group
Sanpellegrino Group - 2020 CSV report
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“The Future We Share” is the latest sustainability report from Sanpellegrino, the world-leading Italian mineral water group which is part of Nestlé Waters.

In line with Nestlé’s vision of creating shared value, Sanpellegrino’s approach focuses on putting people at the center, building close links with local communities, assessing the environmental impact of its activities, and optimizing production and logistics processes. Among the concrete examples highlighted in the report:

People at the center

Like all Nestlé Waters teams around the world, Sanpellegrino Group’s 1440 employees demonstrated extraordinary commitment during the Covid-19-imposed lockdown in Italy. During this period, the Group suspended most of its production activities, keeping essential bottling lines operating to ensure business continuity. Employees benefitted from medical, psychological and work-related support. A survey found 95% of employees felt good about the measures implemented and 89% successfully worked from home.

Sanpellegrino Group - CSV values

In terms of local community support, two SanpellegrinoGroup brands played an active role during the Covid-19 crisis. S.Pellegrino allocated €250,000 to the ATS Bergamo health protection agency, and donated 10,000 face masks, as well as protective equipment and water supplies, to local healthcare personnel.  The group’s Levissima brand donated €200,000 to the ATS della Montagna, AST Valtellina and Alto Lario health protection agencies, and provided water to patients, healthcare workers and the most fragile population of Alta Valle.

Attention to the environmental impact

Sanpellegrino - sustainability and climate change

On the environmental front, the company has fine-tuned its supply chain for years to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging by finding alternative materials and raising recycling awareness. The Group is a founding member of Coripet, a consortium which aims to transform plastic waste into a resource by collecting and recycling PET food and beverage containers. For Sanpellegrino as for Nestlé Waters as a whole, the ultimate goal is to ensure zero packaging (including plastics) ends up in landfill or as litter in the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers.

Levissima’s eco-compactor with Coripet

Safeguarding the sustainability of shared water resources requires a common approach to continuously improve water stewardship practices. Nestlé Waters is committed to having all of its sites certified by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard by 2025. In 2019, the certification process for the Vera production site in Sicily was completed, while certification of the bottling plants for S.Pellegrino (in Lombardy) and Acqua Panna (in Tuscany) is expected between late 2020 and early 2021. Thanks to the continuous optimization of its industrial processes, in 2019 the Sanpellegrino Group saved 307 million liters of water, using just 0.60 liter for each liter bottled.

The Group also made gains in the energy performance of its production sites, purchasing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. In the last nine years, Sanpellegrino has reduced its CO2 emissions by 58%.

To access “The Future We Share” report, click here: San Pellegrino Group 2020 CSV report

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