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Good hydration helps fight stress and insomnia

Learn how a proper daily supply of water can help us against stress and sleep disorders
Good hydration: a stress relief and an insomnia cure
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Professor Umberto Solimene, an expert of the Sanpellegrino Observatory, explains how a proper daily supply of water can help us against stress and sleep disorders.

Italy has regained a semblance of normality. After having to make efforts and face limitations, Italians can once again enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. Lockdown has inflicted a significant psychological blow to the country, however, and increased cases of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. According to a recent study by the Piepoli Institute, commissioned by the Italian National Council of the Order of Psychologists, 60% of Italians have suffered from this. It can lead to significant discomfort, requiring various treatments depending on the severity.

There is a daily gesture that can help us manage anxiety and sleep problems: drinking the right amount of water. Often underestimated, proper hydration is a precious ally for maintaining our physical and psychological balance. Different minerals in water help you to sleep and to fight fatigue and stress accumulated throughout the day. As demonstrated by international research, the right amount of sodium and magnesium helps the body respond effectively to the daily pressure to which we are all subject.

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"Proper hydration based on magnesium and sodium can help us to better deal with stress and its effects on the emotional system and our body, such as the decline in energy and efficiency,” notes Umberto Solimene of the University of Milan, who is a member of the Sanpellegrino Observatory and President of the World Federation of Thermalism (FEMTEC). “Magnesium and sodium are micronutrients playing a key role in mood regulation and stress care."

"In addition, water is a fundamental element for promoting intestinal regularity and improving the digestive process, with a positive impact on sleep. For those with digestive problems, a mineral water of the bicarbonate-sulphate type is particularly useful: these two mineral salts help digestion because they stimulate the liver and pancreas, and promote the action of digestive enzymes. Dysfunctions of the biliary and enteric tract are increasing due to stress, eating habits and modern life," Professor Solimene concludes.

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If we can combine proper hydration with light physical exercize, then we can significantly reduce daily tension and foster a restful night. Physical activity, especially practiced outdoors and in the company of others, is one of the best natural methods to stimulate a good mood and find the right psychological-physical balance.