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Promoting Drinking Water Education Activities

drinking water education

Convinced of the importance of drinking sufficient water, we collaborate with public health authorities and other stakeholders to heighten public awareness of good hydration as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Educating people about the need to drink water

Much has been done to educate consumers about eating the right foods, but people are less aware of the impact of what they drink on nutrition and health. While there are policies targeting the over-consumption of sugary drinks, there is a lack of clear strategies that include water consumption as a core component.

We support any communication effort that helps individuals and families reach daily recommended fluid intakes and adopt healthy hydration habits. Our aim is to create a coalition of relevant partners that speak with one voice to position water consumption at the center of the Public Health debate. We therefore collaborate with public health bodies, academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector on campaigns promoting the drinking of water for health.


“I choose water” – a partnership example from poland

Since 2015, Nestlé Waters Poland has supported the “I Choose Water” campaign of the Polish Dietetic Association (PTD). This 3-year public educational program brings together interested parties such as the Ministry of Health, regional education boards, universities, bottled-water companies and the tap-water industry, to encourage Polish people to improve their health through drinking more water – either from a bottle or from the tap.

We cooperate closely with the PTD on promotional materials for the campaign and on articles promoting healthy hydration.

I try to make my children aware that water and balanced diet play a very important role in our life. I teach them love to water and I regret that 15 years ago, when our youngest son was little, we had no such knowledge on this subject. Justyna Steczkowska, ambassador of the “I Choose Water” program

Boosting the hydration awareness of mexican families

In July 2016, Nestlé Waters Mexico teamed up with the country’s Ministry of Health to launch an educational celebration of “National Family Hydration Month”, encouraging people to drink water. The program attracted over 40,000 people to its launch event, in Mexico City. We then took the campaign to five other major cities, staging healthy-hydration roadshows, called “Hydration Brigades”, at leading universities.

The 2017 edition of the program, featured two main events that between them gathered over 75,000 people. It reinforced the message with massive TV, digital, radio and print media coverage and live streaming –reaching over 30 million people. The Hydration Brigades reached over 3,000 Mexican students.


Challenging canadian children to lead healthier lives

Since 2015, Nestlé Waters Canada has been a sponsor of Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. This Quebec-based charity supports medical research and promotes healthy life habits among young people, highlighting physical activity, good nutrition and healthy hydration. Grand défi means “big challenge”.

Partnering with schools, the charity gets children and family members to earn “energy cubes”, by engaging in activities that involve physical exercise. Fifteen minutes of continuous exercise earns one cube. Participating schools then compete with each other for the greatest number of cubes earned.

Associating the drinking of water with fitness and good health in a fun way, Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie has proved so popular with kids and their parents that it has spread to other parts of Canada and to France.

Thoughts on water from around the world

In 2017, KANTAR TNS, a major market research and information company, surveyed attitudes to water in the U.S., Mexico, the UK, France, Italy and Turkey. Some findings:

  • Half of the parents canvassed said they have great trouble getting their children to drink water.
  • While most acknowledged water as their first choice, sugary drinks remain very popular, especially in Mexico and Turkey. Over a quarter of the international survey’s respondents drink at least 1L of them a day.