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Heroes for water

Committed to water sustainability on World Water Day (2016)
Heroes for water
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During a series of worldwide Together for water events, Nestlé Waters employees teach the value of water sustainability to the future generation of “water heroes”.

Every year on March 22, Nestlé Waters celebrates World Water Day – established by the United Nations in 1993 – and demonstrates its commitment to water stewardship by bringing together employees and local communities to promote water conservation.

In partnership with the Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Foundation, Nestlé Waters initiates local TOGETHER 4 WATER events to educate children from localities near the company's bottling sites about the water cycle and the importance of preserving water. Project WET's mission is to provide water education to teachers, students, parents and children so that all generations will value water and work to sustain it for the future.

Five Countries Expand TOGETHER 4 WATER All Year

In 2015, 25,000 children in 30 countries learned about the significance of water conservation during fun, educational activities led by over 1,000 Nestlé Waters employees. The project will extend its reach in 2016 with year-long programs in Argentina, France, Greece, Italy and Egypt, where young people will have the opportunity to apply what they've learned as “ambassadors of water,” developing their own water conservation projects.

TOGETHER 4 WATER projects are conceived and implemented by children themselves, in places where Nestlé Waters operates, giving them first-hand experience and appreciation of the importance and feasibility of conserving water.

Becoming a Water Hero

Nestlé Waters employee volunteers share their expertise and commitment to water sustainability by empowering younger generations to act as “water heroes” and running year-long water conservation projects to make a local positive difference.


Children learn about water stewardship by taking action, applying the lessons of World Water Day to ongoing projects with tangible results in their own communities. Through video diaries that demonstrate their progress throughout the year, children have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and spread the message that water conservation is a year-round priority, all around the world.


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