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Caring for water

Taking global water stewardship to the next level
Caring for water
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As proof of our commitment to the world’s global water stewardship standard, we will certify all our sites by 2025

We announced today that we will certify all our sites by 2025 in accordance with the world’s first global water stewardship standard. It will reinforce our commitment to safeguarding water resources for future generations through our stronger collaboration with the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

Water is essential for life and it is essential for our business. Yet, water is also one of the most critical sustainability challenges facing society today. As the leading healthy hydration company, we have a duty to responsibly and sustainably manage this precious resource.

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Caring for water

At Nestlé, we care for water by focusing our efforts and resources on four key areas:

  • In our factories, by continuously improving water use efficiency
  • In watersheds, by working with partners to protect shared water resources
  • Across our agricultural supply chain, where water challenges are putting the sourcing of our raw materials at risk
  • And in the communities where we are present, to widen access to clean water and sanitation.

We understand that water cannot be managed alone and that the response to the water challenge must be stakeholder-inclusive, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities. This is water stewardship.

“Water is one of the most critical sustainability challenges facing society and our business. At Nestlé, we care for water. We are 100% committed to safeguarding water resources for future generations. Today we pledge to certify all our Nestlé Waters sites around the world to this publicly recognized, credible water stewardship standard. This demonstrates how we positively contribute to the preservation of water resources wherever we operate, for the shared benefit of all water users,” said Nestlé Waters CEO, Maurizio Patarnello.


Taking our commitment to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard further

Last autumn, we announced our commitment to certify 20 of our factories to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard by 2020. The AWS Standard is a publicly recognised, credible model that promotes the responsible use of freshwater. We have since achieved certification at eight sites in three countries: Cabazon, Livermore, Los Angeles, Ontario and Sacramento in California, U.S.; Hope in Canada; Sheikhpura and Islamabad in Pakistan. Our Cabazon site in California was the first site in North America to achieve gold-level certification.

Our experience has been very rewarding and has enabled broader and improved collaboration between local stakeholders, which in turn leads to a better understanding of local water challenges and more meaningful collective actions to address them – all of which are vital to sustainable water resource management. This has compelled us to go further and to commit to certifying 100% of our sites to the AWS Standard.

We truly believe that if we all work together we can make a difference.

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