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Boosting sustainability in Vietnam

La Vie leads clean-up campaign
La Vie
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Our natural mineral water brand La Vie has kicked off our commitment to improve livelihoods in communities near to where we operate, by cleaning up the Chien Loc canal in Vietnam.

The canal, situated close to our Long An factory, is a lifeline for local farmers and people that serves as the main waterway from the Tien River to nearby farms.

La Vie after clean-up
The Chien Loc canal after La Vie’s clean-up

Any pollution, waste or flooding from seasonal heavy rain can contaminate the aquifer that provides clean water to over 1,000 households in the area and is vital to sourcing our natural mineral water. If left unkempt, the canal may also harbour mosquitoes and rats, increasing the risk of water-borne diseases and illnesses, especially to the most vulnerable such as children and the elderly.

To help maintain the site, we teamed up with local authorities and communities to launch the canal clean-up campaign ahead of the rainy season, as part of our Water Care action plan that aims to achieve better water quality, a healthier environment and a better place to live for local communities.

La Vie before clean-up
The Chien Loc canal before La Vie’s clean-up

The campaign also forms part of our activities to meet the Alliance for Water Stewardship certification (AWS), which we recently achieved at the end of April. This is one of our most critical flagship programmes on sustainable water resource management. To date, 15 of our sites in eight countries have been certified according to AWS standard, which our company has committed to by certifying all our sites to this standard by 2025.

Self-sustainable project

“We worked with the local authorities and community members to find the best and fastest way of operating, explaining the benefits, risks and solutions to clean-up the canal,” said Nguyen Thi Kim Hoang, La Vie Corporate Affairs Manager for our Long An factory and South operations in Vietnam.

“Now we must continue to engage with them to make this project self-sustainable,” she added.

World Water Day

We are continuing to connect with communities and raise awareness on the importance of water by joining forces with Long An Natural Resources and Environment Department on World Water Day on March 22, 2019.

Over 100 people, including employees, stakeholders and journalists, attended an event at our Long An factory for an insight on achieving sustainable water quality and conservation.

La Vie open factory

“We will continue to work together with local authorities and communities as part of our commitment to water, while also improving the environment for individuals and families in the Long An community,” said Fausto Tazzi, General Manager of La Vie LLC and Business Executive Officer for Nestlé Waters Vietnam.

Our brand’s latest sustainability efforts are also part of our pledge to protect natural capital and shared water resources.