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Healthy hydration for all Mexicans

National Family Hydration Program sets out important strategy
Healthy hydration for all Mexicans
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With 63% of adults in Mexico suffering from obesity, Nestlé Waters commits to historic partnership with the Mexican government to promote healthy hydration habits among families.

Obesity is a major health issue worldwide in 21st century. Globally, around 39%* of adults aged 18 and over (2 billions) were overweight by 2014, and this rate reaches up to 63%* of adult population in Mexico. Obesity among the younger population, living in difficult conditions on a diet high in sugar and fat, is a particular concern. The Mexican government is taking significant steps to counter the problem, and Nestlé Waters Mexico was eager to engage alongside the Health Ministry as an active partner.

Nestlé Waters Mexico signed a ground-breaking agreement with Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Health in July 2016 to create the country’s first National Family Hydration Program, aimed at promoting healthy hydration habits among Mexican families.

“Mexico is currently undergoing a momentous phase in terms of health promotion, with proper hydration a key challenge for society today. So, Nestlé Waters decided to join forces with the Federal Ministry of Health and encourage people to change their habits, so that parents can hand on the pricelesslegacy of healthy hydration to their children”, explains Gerard Signoret, the Director General of Nestlé Waters Mexico.

Family Hydration Day attracts 40,000 people in Mexico City

The agreement was formally signed on July 20th by Gerard Signoret and Dr. Ernesto H. Monroy Yurrieta, a senior Health Ministry official. The program was then launched on July 24th, the first weekend of the Mexican school holidays, with a Family Hydration Day at Chapultepec, the huge park in Mexico City that is a popular gathering point for families.

The event attracted over 40,000 people, who enthusiastically took part in a wide range of activities while learning about healthy hydration and enjoying the taste of Nestlé Pure Life. Highlights included a recycling workshop and the Reloj de la Hidratación (hydration clock), where families had to guess the best moments in the day to hydrate, and thousands of participants signed a special wall sealing their commitment to family hydration.

The initial agreement with the Mexican Ministry of Health covers a 12-month period, and over the rest of the year a media tour and a series of roadshows called Hydration Brigades are being organized in order to spread the healthy hydration message. For the media tour, a Nestlé Waters Mexico team has joined Health Ministry officials in visiting four of Mexico’s major cities: Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Toluca. Meanwhile Hydration Brigades are being set up at a number of key venues across Mexico, including forums in the country’s leading medical faculties, and major sporting events open to the general public.
*Source: World Health Organization

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