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Vittel®: enhancing biodiversity for the future

Vittel's biodiversity commitment

Vittel’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility has ensured the quality of its products for decades. Now it is using CSR to drive its brand vision and mission.

As a leading European mineral water brand, Vittel® feels responsible for contributing both to healthier consumption and to addressing environmental challenges. The goal is to create sustainable shared value for consumers, communities and the planet.

To achieve this, Vittel is stepping up its commitments in three areas: natural & healthy hydration; minimizing its impact on the planet and investing in the region. Vittel’s approach to preserving biodiversity is one striking example of this new ambition.

For two decades, the brand has worked to preserve “ordinary biodiversity” –ie, species that are abundant in a given ecosystem-- on its territory through the “Agrivair” program. This collective initiative protects the soil and natural areas around the source on 10,000 hectares, to ensure the quality of Vittel’s natural mineral water remains unchanged.

Vittel Agrivair protected zone

Facing the global issue of ordinary biodiversity loss, the brand is now stepping up its actions with a Collective Biodiversity Plan focusing on natural ecosystems, water resources, plastics packaging, and carbon emissions.

These actions contribute to Vittel’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2022 and are part of Nestlé’s wider commitment to stewarding resources for the future.

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