Nestlé Waters: Our Manifesto

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Water is essential to life. It is vital for the health of our bodies, the health of our communities, and the health of the planet. At Nestlé, we have been bottling water at the source, filtering it, and protecting it in transport for more than 100 years, helping people enjoy high quality water wherever and whenever they wanted it. This has always driven us, and we will use this passion and expertise to shape the future of hydration solutions, for healthy living and a sustainable planet.

Perrier's Sustainable Transport

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Nestlé Waters has launched a new train line connecting the Perrier factory at Vergèze (South of France) to the port of Fos-sur-Mer, near Marseille. The initiative is part of our sustainability strategy and the French government’s low carbon policy.

Working Together For Water: the Alliance for Water Stewardship and Nestlé Waters

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At Nestlé Waters we are strengthening our collaboration with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) by certifying all of our Nestlé Waters’ global factories by 2025. This represents an important step towards Nestlé Waters’ commitment to continuous improvement in our water stewardship practices, helping to address shared water challenges and ensuring the sustainability of water resources.

Nestlé Waters UK - Water Powering Water

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Nestlé Waters UK uses 100% renewable energy in all of our operations. About 30% is coming from the local hydro-plant Derwent Hydro. Hydro-energy is an excellent choice of energy as it uses no fossil fuels. The energy being used at Buxton water is the equivalent of the same amount of power to fuel 14,000 homes. Buxton is one of the most state-of-the-art factories in Europe for bottling water.

Nestlé Waters Pakistan - Rehabilitating a school in Peerano Goth

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In Pakistan a large number of children are unable to finish primary education due to the poor conditions of schools in remote villages. Located near a Nestlé Waters factory, Peerano Goth is one such village. In 2011 the local primary school was in a poor condition and dysfunctional for more than a decade. Putting the future of 100s of children at stake. Nestlé Waters took the task of rehabilitating the school Peerano Goth school in line with our commitment to create shared valued and support underprivileged and rural communities.

Nestlé Waters Thailand - How to encourage children to drink water

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It is not always easy to get children to drink enough water every day but good drinking habits start young. Nestlé Waters challenge is to make children drink water enough water to stay hydrated. We followed the trending topic of “Positive Parenting”. This approach uses compliments and encouraging children rather than forcing them to drink.

AGRIVAIR, Nestlé Waters' sustainability initiative in Vittel

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AGRIVAIR was launched in 1992 through the combined action of Nestlé Waters France and the French National Agronomic Research Institute (INRA). AGRIVAIR’s objective was ambitious and unique: to build a new environmental model around Vittel in partnership with the local stakeholders.

San Pellegrino - Enhance your moments

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The advertising campaign from San Pellegrino takes you on an amazing journey from Milan to Greece, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Buenos Aires and Shanghai. Spin the cap and discover where you will go next!

Nestlé Waters Mexico- National Family Hydration Month

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Nestlé Waters Mexico encourages healthy hydration and the understanding of the benefits of drinking more water. Our company and the Mexican government engaged with thousands of people in the country during National Family Hydration month in July 2018. As part of the event nearly 80,000 people attended Healthy Hydration Day at Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City and Colomos Forest.

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