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Winter is upon us, some tips to stay hydrated by the European Federation of Bottled Water

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Protect your health this winter - stay hydrated

29 November 2010, Brussels – Did you know that it’s just as easy to get dehydrated in the winter as in the summer? With the cold winter months upon us, it is important to protect your health and stay well hydrated. Sometimes we forget to drink enough water and all the more so during winter! Hydration is a key factor to good health.

Keep well this winter

Cold winter air can be drying for the skin and hair. Overheating and high temperatures in offices and homes can also cause further water loss, leading to headaches and tiredness. Playing outside? Winter sports can be fun but strenuous. The more you sweat, the more fluid intake is necessary to replenish losses. So if you are skating, skiing, snowboarding, walking or simply shovelling snow, make sure you are adequately hydrated!

If you don’t drink enough, you could be at risk. Dehydration decreases mental and physical performance and can lead to weakness, fatigue and confusion. Water is a natural way to hydrate the body and it is all the more important to drink enough if you are fighting a bad cold or the flu.

Water is Essential: EFSA Recommendations

Water is essential for practically all functions of the body and, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)1, water requirements vary between individuals, depending on age, sex, levels of activity and environmental conditions. In moderate temperatures and for moderate levels of activity, EFSA recommends 2 L – 2.5 L of daily water intake (including from various food and beverages) for women and men respectively. Think in terms of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day.

This winter bundle up, be sure to drink enough fluids and remember, water is an excellent choice for natural, healthy hydration!

About EFBW

The European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) is the voice of the bottled waters industry in Europe. A not-forprofit trade association based in Brussels, EFBW represents the interest of all types of packaged waters and itsmembers are national associations which together represent over 500 bottlers across Europe. EFBW works closely with European and international institutions which regulate on bottled waters and is an active member of the European Food and Drinks Association (CIAA) as well as the International Council of Bottled Waters Association (ICBWA).

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1 EFSA Scientific Opinion on Dietary Reference Values for Water, EFSA Journal 2010 ; 8(3):1459

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