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Will you be able to pump up the heat at Club Perrier?

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Will you be able to pump up the heat at Club Perrier?

June 10th, 2011

Perrier is initiating internet users to the guilty pleasures of "Club Perrier",
the first campaign with a film that changes with the number of people who watch it.

A new campaign in keeping with Perrier’s wild, offbeat, avant-garde spirit

The sun is hot, the atmosphere is steamy, everything around you seems to be melting and liquefying, you’re scorched and intensely thirsty… The diagnosis is obvious – you are in the hot ad campaign, "Melting", where nothing could satisfy you as much as a nice, cold gulp of Perrier.

After making the whole world’s mouth water with this wildly lusty campaign in 2009, Perrier is going one step further with a new digital creation: Club Perrier.

A worldwide launch for a unique digital concept

Created by Ogilvy & Mather, Club Perrier will be launched simultaneously in France, Canada and the United States on the dedicated YouTube channel on June 7.

For the very first time, internet users will be invited to take a delicious dive into the new "hot spot" of the season and discover 6 videos whose scenario changes with the number of visitors to the YouTube Perrier channel. The videos are released as the number of visits increases: the more viewers there are… the hotter the night will be!

The scenario? Imagine yourself in a cool, decadent club... As you click, the feverish electro-pop and sensual voice of the singer Venus invades the club, the temperature starts to rise, people start to get hot, bodies start caressing each other, the atmosphere is intense and the entire scene is melting… Perrier then becomes the ultimate refreshment.

The 7th video live in New York

The madness doesn’t stop with the 6th video – a select group of people will have the unique privilege of seeing the 7th and last video live, to be made at the Perrier party organized next 20 September in New York. Very hot! Win your spot on the brand’s Facebook fan page!

Join us and give yourself over to the guilty pleasure of "Club Perrier"!
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