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Vittel celebrates the Tour de France

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June 2013


This year Vittel, official partner of the Tour de France, will celebrate the hundredth year of the world’s most prestigious cycling event in its own special way.

100 years of history, 100 years of unforgettable moments, 100 years of love between the Tour and its audience, 100 years in which hundreds of millions of spectators have shared their enthusiasm for the great race, lining the roads every year. Between the Tour and its spectators there is a perfect marriage that has lasted 100 years!

And in France, when a love story lasts 100 years, we celebrate the Water Wedding Anniversary! So who better than Vittel to do the honours for this extraordinary event?

Vittel celebrates the Water Wedding

On behalf of the Tour spectators, Vittel has decided to shine a light on everyone who has contributed to the magic of this very long love story: personalities, sporting legends and water-carriers alike have all been essential in building and sustaining this unique marriage.

So Vittel is paying tribute to all of them during this year’s extraordinary, memorable race!

Vittel invites the Giants of the Tour!

Unknowns or heroes, they can all claim to have completed the Tour de France. They are known as the Giants of the Tour. Almost 1,200 of them are still with us, and all can provide a unique glimpse of the stories both large and small that have shaped the Tour and forged its legend.

To give them a chance to share a little of this history, Vittel is inviting about twenty of them to join us for this hundredth race.

Honoured in the Start Village every morning and then taking pride of place in the Advertising Caravan alongside Vincent Barteau, they will re-experience the unique communion with the public that carried them through their careers. Together, they will share in the celebrations and provide the benefit of their experience to the riders of Team Vittel.

After the Giants, Vittel pays tribute to the "builders", the men and women in the shadows without whom the Tour would not be what it is today!

They work behind the scenes, they manage the Tour, they write about the Tour…

Thanks to the Eaufficiel du Tour, a daily newspaper with a print run of 500,000 copies given free to spectators every day, the Tour’s audience will be able to meet the people who have made this magnificent love story possible. All these personalities have made their contribution to this vast achievement and enabled the magic to flow between the spectators and the riders.

Thanks to Vittel, these shadowy figures will be brought into the light and the backstage operations will take on a new dimension.

A Vittelised public

As in any love affair, the story shared by the Tour, the riders and the public has had its ups and downs, from the glorious hours of the great champions to the race’s darker times. But nothing has ever weakened the public’s love for the Tour de France – quite the opposite! Today, this great popular celebration attracts 10 to 12 million admirers, who form a loyal audience, a noisy and colourful crowd greeting the riders and the legendary Advertising Caravan.Vittel is continuing and sustaining this love story, in which the public is at the heart of the event. With the famous Team Vittel, consisting of five pretend riders and their manager Vincent Barteau, former yellow jersey wearer in 1984 and multiple stage winner, Vittel adds its own comic touch for the spectators. Vittel is doing everything it can to transform the public into Team Vittel supporters so the team can finally win a stage!

Nestlé Waters and the Tour de France, en route for the water wedding?

Nestlé Waters began its commitment to the Tour de France in 1933 with Perrier, and the famous sparkling water stayed with the Advertising Caravan from its inception until 1985. Nestlé Aquarel brought the passion back to life from 2001 to 2007, giving way to Vittel since 2008.

This passion and commitment are no coincidence. A unique, popular, festive family event in the heart of the summer … the only totally free global sporting event conveying values that go well beyond sport alone … the Tour de France and Nestlé Waters have a lot in common.

The Tour de France is also an opportunity to highlight the importance of being well hydrated. A million bottles are handed out at the event to riders, support staff and the public. Without water and its virtues, there would be no Tour and no champions!

And no water wedding anniversary!

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If you would like to experience a stage or just a few kilometres with the biggest Advertising Caravan on the Tour, please get in touch.

Key Figures

1 000 000 bottles distributed to support staff and the public

500 000 copies of the daily newspaper Eaufficiel du Tour handed out to

100 000 pens BIC distributed to spectators on daily finish line

50 000 supporters’ kits (jerseys, flags, banners) distributed to spectators to support Team Vittel

100 years of marriage = water wedding anniversary

53 Vittelised caravan staff serving the public

18 Giants of the Tour alongside Vincent Barteau

14 Vittel vehicles in the Advertising Caravan, the biggest group in the procession

5 members of Team Vittel: Alphonse Toudroi, Aline Darivet, Tony Fristyle, Jean Naymard and Marc Dumaillot

1 manager: Vincent Barteau, the only former yellow jersey in the Caravan

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