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The exclusive bottle is finally unveiled:
S.Pellegrino exhibits a unique label signed by Bulgari

October 2011 – A sparkling jewel, selected among the Bulgari Vintage collection of 1965, "wears" the label of the iconic S.Pellegrino bottle. For a limited time, the new label will display the image of a yellow gold necklace, embellished by brilliant cut diamonds, turquoises, amethysts and cabochon emeralds. This unique piece, combining the rounded shape, the bold color matching and the cabochon cut of the gems, reminds of the „60s Bulgari style and expresses the uniqueness, refinement and stylishness of the jewel.

These special features made the necklace the ideal choice to be pictured on the S.Pellegrino label, exclusivity for the channel. The "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari" bottle will be available starting from mid September 2011 on the tables of the most refined restaurants around the world: only 50 millions glass 75cl bottles will be distributed, to make a tribute to Italian timeless magnificence through an amazing interpretation of the iconic S.Pellegrino bottle.

To celebrate the special partnership with Bulgari, an exclusive PR gift pack has also been crafted in limited edition. 2.500 precious couvettes, designed as jewel boxes, will hold the "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari" bottle.

The special edition "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari" will be offered for about 3 months in the best restaurants all over the world. Recognized worldwide for its heritage and quality, S.Pellegrino is the Italian Fine Dining water, delighting consumers with its unmistakable taste. Jewel among jewels, the iconic bottle will now sparkle more than ever with Bulgari.

After the successful launch since July in various countries among Italy, China, Brazil, USA, France, Switzerland the "S. Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari" bottle is now like a jewel on all worldwide tables of restaurants.

To celebrate this event, the scintillating "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari" 75cl bottle will be available exclusively at Colette one of the most fashion and famous Parisian store in the world.

For further information:
Contact the S.Pellegrino team in Weber Shandwick -
[email protected]
Maria Antonietta Morello – ph. + 39 02 57378310 – email: [email protected]
Sabrina Cungi – ph. +33 02 57378257 – email: [email protected]
Asli Gulfidan – ph. + 39 02 57378467 – email: [email protected]

Download the press release