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R-Generation Educational campaign

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Don’t throw away your plastic bottles! Collect them, flatten them, take them to school and put them in the dedicated container. This is the Gruppo Sanpellegrino’s invitation to elementary-school children in order to raise awareness about the proper handling of PET bottles, which should not be considered a waste but a resource, because PET is 100% recyclable.

The educational campaign R-Generation – Raccogli la plastica, semina il futuro (Gather Plastic, Sow the Future) was launched in September at the beginning of the new school year, involving a total of 50 schools in Lombardy and Tuscany. Each participating school has received dedicated containers for PET bottle collection to place in the foyer where they can be accessed by all students.

Every week for the entire duration of the initiative, which runs until December, the local urban waste management firms come to collect the bags of bottles. The project is publicized in the schools with posters, cards given out to pupils with messages for their families, and teaching materials with games and activities relating to the theme of recycling.

When the initiative ends, each pupil will receive a pencil case made of recycled PET to highlight the ability of this material to be refashioned into a broad range of valuable and useful objects, as explained in the publicity materials: a jumper, a quilt, another bottle…

The 3 top schools—the ones collecting the greatest amount of PET—will receive 3 super prizes … made, naturally, of recycled plastic.

The project was implemented in partnership with the waste collection firms in the cities involved—AMSA in Milan, SECAM in Sondrio, and Quadrifoglio in Florence—and with the collaboration of Giunti Progetti Educativi, one of the foremost publishing houses for scholastic materials, which has provided the supporting materials.

In Lombardy, the initiative bears the name of Levissima, "spokeswater" for the importance of recycling and the first brand in Italy to use a percentage of R-PET in its Lalitro bottle. In Tuscany, the initiative is represented by Acqua Panna.

In Milan, the AMSA Mobile Office will be parked at selected schools to respond to a range of questions about source-separated waste collection and actively engage the local children.

The Mobile Office is a sort of camper with an informative video and experts on board ready to help kids learn more about the recycling process and how easy it is to dispose of PET in the right way.

The project is part of the program of educational community initiatives promoted by the Gruppo Sanpellegrino to guide the younger generations.

Others include ‘A bottleful of schools’, a competition of creativity launched in 2011 in all Italian schools with awards given to the best stories about recycling, and the ‘Plastics Recycling Month’ in Milan, an educational initiative helping people understand what happens to a bottle of plastic in the recycling process.

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