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Now that school is "in full swing"... why children should be kept sufficiently hydrated?

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September 2012

Now that school is "in full swing" …
Why children should be kept sufficiently hydrated?

Now that school has started and the rush has passed, don’t forget to raise awareness of the importance of daily hydration.

Everybody needs to drink water to keep sufficiently hydrated and to deal with his day. At work, adults need to stay concentrated; it is the same at school for children…

Today we know that drinking water can help us all to maintain attention and concentration (*1, *2).

Thus, it is important to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water on several occasions during the day and to teach children the healthy habit to drink water during their breaks at school.

Water is essential to life!

New-born babies are made up 75% water.

This percentage decreases with age: an adult body is made of 60% water on average. When children drink water, it hydrates their little body. Water is everywhere: it reaches every cell, every organ and notably their brain.

More than 2/3 of the brain is made of water (*3); it is a complex organ which allows us to think, memorize, learn and much more! The brain mainly develops during childhood, which is an important period of learning. As a consequence, good hydration is important for children’s entire body as well as their brain. September 2012

How keep children properly hydrated

Hence the importance to keep children well hydrated even before they feel thirsty.

To maintain the water balance in your children’s body and compensate for the water lost during the day, it is essential that they adopt healthy habits from an early age by drinking water regularly at home, at school and at any other moment…

If possible, give them a bottle of water to go to school: put one in their schoolbag or sports bag.

After-school the day is not over: children have a good afternoon snack as they often go straight on to their football practice or music lesson. They love these activities and they’re right to do so….

Put bottles of water in accessible places: on the dining table, in the fridge, on their desk… You can also take one with you. So when they ask for water, you can give them some straightaway.

Encourage them to also drink a glass of water when they wake up. In fact, children even lose water during the night.

If drinking water throughout the day becomes a habit, they will keep on doing so when you are not with them.

Plain water should be first choice to hydrate your child’s body. Water is an essential nutrient for hydration without bringing any other elements to your body. Over- consumption of sugary beverages can lead to an excessive calorie intake. September 2012

Hydration made fun for children

Throughout the day, Nestlé Pure Life helps parents to keep children properly hydrated and has developed bottles especially designed for them: the small bottles are adapted to kid’s little hands with convenient sports caps and attractive playful labels using mascots to delight children.

The specific partnership with Warner Bros "Looney tunes" cartoon characters on pack and in communication make hydration fun for 6-12 year old children.

These characters (Bugs Bunny, Tweety bird, Road Runner, Sylvester etc ...) embody Nestlé Pure life’s values such, as active and healthy lifestyle, vitality, fun.

Nestlé Pure Life……"Drink better, live better"

NESTLE PURE LIFE provides water with a pleasant and refreshing taste that can be enjoyed by all your family.

Because water is essential for your body, it is necessary to have access to safe and tasty water to contribute to be properly hydrated. That’s why NESTLÉ PURE LIFE offers the whole family water at an affordable price.

Following the 2011 "children hydration program" , Nestlé Waters has developed new information tools to establish Nestlé Pure life as mothers’ partner for their family’s healthy hydration by leveraging the fact that drinking water helps to maintain attention and concentration. September 2012 Nestle Pure Life is today present in 41 countries and has become, in one decade, the world’s leading bottled water brand: more than 1100 glasses of Nestle Pure Life were enjoyed every second around the world in 2011.



Nestle Pure Life is today present in 41 countries and has become, in one decade, the world’s leading bottled water brand: more than 1100 glasses of Nestle Pure Life were enjoyed every second around the world in 2011

*1: As part of normal cognitive functions- drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

*2: for healthy sedentary people living in temperate climate 1 glass=20cl for an adult; 1glass= at least 15cl for a child

*3 73% of an adult’s brain consists of water (Mitchell, J Biol Chem, 1945: 625-637)

This communication is based on the European list of permitted article 13.1 health claims- regulation (EC) no 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and of the council on nutritional and health claims made on foods; EFSA journal 2011; 9 (4) : 2075

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