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New bottle: not exactly the same, but not exactly different either...

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Not exactly the same, but not exactly different either......

Is moving fot he planet and launches a new generation of bottles made from plant-based PET ! 

VITTEL is already committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its packaging, and is now pursuing its initiatives. Since October 2011 at Flunch and from the beginning of 2012(*) at all points of sale, 1L, 50cl and 33cl VITTEL bottles will contain 30% plant-based materials.

VITTEL has been keeping a close eye on its packaging for a long time and making continuous efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. So the plastic used for its major format – the 1.5L – has been reduced by 18% in 10 years. In 2010 the change to the shape of the VITTEL 2L bottle meant a saving of 300 tonnes of PET. Continuing this approach, today VITTEL presents its PET bottle made from 30% plant-based material.

Not exactly the same, but not exactly different either…

VITTEL bottles have been made of PET ((poly) ethylene terephthalate) since 1992. Today VITTEL launches an innovative PET bottle made from 30% plant-based material. This PET is a plastic partly produced from a renewable plant resource: molasses, which replaces petroleum.

Molasses is a by product of cane sugar processing. This allows us to obtain a bottle which is partly plant-based. The production of 30% plant-based PET does not require the use of additional arable land does not lead to any deforestation and does not compete with the growth of food crops intended for the local populations.

(*) The 33cl and 50cl bottles are currently on sale exclusively at Flunch.

From the beginning of 2012,
all 1L, 50cl and 33cl VITTEL
bottle will contain 30% plant-based material.

What’s more, the bottle remains identical in terms of quality, chemical purity and product protection, and also remains 100% recyclable; so it will undergo the same sorting and recycling process as the current bottle.

A bottle with a great future

And VITTEL is looking even further ahead: Nestlé Waters co-finance the Chair of Teaching and Research at the Ecole des Mines in Paris devoted to bioplastics, to study the overall potential of materials produced from renewable materials and in the long term to create a 100% petroleum free bottle.

30% of the new bottle is obtained from waste produced during the processing of sugar cane, molasses, which replaces petroleum.

VITTEL is continuously making a greater commitment to the environment, from its spring in the Vosges to the Amazon

Protection for the spring:
In order to guarantee the quality of its natural mineral water, VITTEL, via its subsidiary Agrivair actively preserves its spring in the Vosges. For nearly 20 years it has encouraged farmers to adopt environmentally-friendly practices with one objective: to develop "zero pesticide" agriculture.

Reduction of its environmental footprint:
Today over 30% of the volume of VITTEL is transported by rail, a proportion which is twice as high as the French average for goods transports. In eight years the VITTEL factory has reduced the additional volumes of water used during the bottling process by 25%. Results which reflect VITTEL’s commitment to the planet.

Raising awareness of waste sorting:
In partnership with Eco-emballages, VITTEL raises consumers’ awareness of recycling and recovering food containers by means of communications on bottles, in the media and in shops.

Continuing this logic, VITTEL is supporting the launch of Canibal, a unique solution for recycling the packaging of drinks consumed outside the home (cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.). The fun and innovative Canibal machine recovers sorts and retrieves the compact drinks packaging and offers random rewards to consumers who take up this new recycling habit.
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Large-scale Amazon reforestation and conservation project:
Since 2010 VITTEL has been involved in Pur Projet, an organisation which aids climate preservation by means of reforestation and conservation of communal forests, and whose objective is to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2012.

To complement this action VITTEL is participating in the conservation of 30,000 ha of Amazon forest in the same territory.

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