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Nestlé Waters Brazil received the Inconfidence Medal of Honor for the services rendered to the city of São Lourenço

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For the services rendered to the city of São Lourenço, in the south of Minas Gerais State, and the improvements made in the Water Park – maintained and managed by Nestlé –, the company
received last Thursday, 21 April, the "Inconfidence Medal of Honor".

 April 27, 2011

The medal was received by the General Director of Nestlé Waters, Edson Ebizawa, and several authorities were present at the ceremony: President Dilma Rousseff, the Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, Antonio Anastasia, and the Mayor of Ouro Preto, Angelo Oswaldo de Araújo Santos, among others.

Nestlé inaugurated its first plant in Minas Gerais State in 1964, in the city of Ibiá. Presently, the company has five plants in this State – in Ibiá, Ituiutaba, Montes Claros, Teófilo Otoni and São Lourenço. In 2009, the regional sales branch for the Southeast, until then located in São Paulo, was transferred to Belo Horizonte, due to the importance of the region for Nestlé’s business in Brazil. Minas Gerais is one of the main hubs of milk sourcing for Nestlé in the country, and the state if also important for other business units, such as Nestlé Waters and the Coffee Business Unit, since the region is among the largest coffee exporters for Nestlé worldwide.

Inconfidence Medal

The Inconfidence Medal, the most important medal awarded by the Government of the State of Minas Gerais, is granted annualy since 1952, with four denominations: Grand Medallion (Extraordinary Commendation), Grand Medal, Medal of Honor and Inconfidence Medal. Among the recipients of the award are Ministries of State, Members of the Parliament, Artists, Teachers, Self-Employed Professionals and Personalities who have rendered relevant service and have contributed to the prestige and the promotion of the State of Minas Gerais and of Brazil. The ceremony is held every year on April 21st (Tiradentes holiday), in the city of Ouro Preto, and closes the celebration of Inconfidence Week.

Initiatives in São Lourenço are aligned to the company’s global platform

Water is one of the main resources used by the company along its production chain. Understanding its role in the preservation of water sources and the education of consumers, Nestlé transformed this resource into one of the three pillars of its sustainability platform, Creating Shared Value, together with nutrition and rural development. The concept is based on the idea that, for long-term business success, generating value for the society in which the company is inserted is as important and generating value for the shareholders. These three pillars guide Nestlé’s social responsibility policies and also the social investment of the company.

With the acquisition of Perrier and its affiliated companies (among them São Lourenço) in 1992, Nestlé became responsible for the São Lourenço Water Park and has since carried out a number of restoration projects in the site, which is part of the Water Circuit - a tourism route in the southern area of the State of Minas Gerais, recognized for the production of naturally carbonated mineral water.

The park spa has been fully restored, modernized but maintaining its classical style. The native forest has been reconstituted: Pinus Elliottii has been replaced by native forest including yellow and purple Ipê, Cedar, Jacarandá, Guapuruvu, Quaresmeira, and fruit trees, bringing life back to the ecosystem, both in terms of flora and fauna. The wood from the reforestation project was donated to local charities. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Japanese immigration to Brazil, a Japanese garden was built in the Water Park. The improvements also include the renovation of the playground with toys built with wood from the reforestation project, a workout circuit for the elderly, new WCs and a baby room.

Nestlé has also developed a number of initiatives in partnership with the Secretariat of Education and Environment of São Lourenço, to raise awareness amongst children about the importance of water and to help the COOPRECI – a local Recycling Cooperative Society responsible for collecting waste and recycling it. And through the programs Nestlé Faz Bem Nutrir and Nestlé Faz Bem Cuidar, nutrition education and social responsibility programs have been carried out in the public school network.

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