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Nestlé Waters Brazil is recognised for its contributions to the city of Sao Lourenço

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April 14, 2011

On March 20th, with the presence of Antonio Anastasia, Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, and José Neto, Mayor of São Lourenço, a medal ("Comenda Ambiental Estância Hidromineral de São Lourenço") was given to Ivan Zurita, CEO of Nestlé Brasil, Edson Ebizawa, General Manager of NESTLÉ WATERS Brazil, and Izabel Azevedo, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, among others, for the services rendered to the city of São Lourenço and the improvements made in the Water Park – maintained and managed by Nestlé – such as the restoration of the park spa and the regeneration of the native forest. The ceremony was part of the Water Week celebration in São Lourenço, a city located in the southern part of the State of Minas Gerais. The medals are granted to personalities that have carried out outstanding work in defense of the environment in the region.

With the acquisition of Perrier and its affiliated companies in 1992, and among them São Lourenço, Nestlé became responsible for the São Lourenço Water Park and has since carried out a number of restoration projects on the site which is part of the Water Circuit - a tourism route in the southern area of the State of Minas Gerais, recognized for the production of natural mineral water.

The park spa has been fully restored, modernized but maintaining its classical style. The native forest has been reconstituted: Pinus Elliottii has been replaced by native forest including yellow and purple Ipê, Cedar, Jacarandá, Guapuruvu, Quaresmeira, and fruit trees, bringing life back to the ecosystem, both in terms of flora and fauna.The wood from the reforestation project was donated to local charities. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Japanese immigration to Brazil, a Japanese garden was built in the Water Park. The improvements also include the renovation of the playground with toys built with wood from the reforestation project, a workout circuit for the elderly, new WCs and a baby room.

Nestlé has also developed a number of initiatives in partnership with the Secretariat of Education and Environment of São Lourenço, to raise awareness amongst children about the importance of water and to help the COOPRECI – a local Recycling Cooperative Society responsible for waste collect and recycling. And via the programs Nestlé Faz Bem Nutrir and Nestlé Faz Bem Cuidar nutrition education programs have been carried out in the public school network.

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