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Nestlé and A.S.O. have today announced that their partnership has been renewed.

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Vittel, France, July 16, 2009

As the Tour de France arrived in Vittel today, Nestlé Waters and the organisers of the Tour de France announced that their partnership has been renewed.

This new agreement covers the Tours of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. It grants Nestlé Waters the status of main co-partner of the Tour and exclusivity on various rights and advantages connected with publicity, promotion and sales in the area of beverages and sports nutrition from which it will be possible for several brands in the Nestlé group to benefit, including: VITTEL, POWERBAR, NESQUIK or RICORE.

Started in 2001 with the NESTLE AQUAREL brand, this agreement was renewed in 2004 after being regularly extended to other brands, clearly demonstrating Nestlé’s interest in the Tour.

For Jean-Etienne Amaury, Chairman and CEO of the ASO Group:
"The Tour is a unique event. It is popular, open to all the family and free. The renewal of the partnership with Nestlé Waters is a source of great satisfaction and bears testimony to the "good health" of the Tour de France. Having the trust of a group like Nestlé, a leader in the areas of health and well-being, illustrates how an event like the Tour de France can be interesting for mass consumer brands wanting to get closer to the centres of interest of their consumers. It is an unparalleled communication platform for brands. Since 2001, the partnership with Nestlé Waters has been exemplary in every way. Nestlé Waters has always been faultlessly loyal to us and has without any doubt helped in many ways to make the event attractive to the general public who line the routes."

For Denis Cans, President and CEO of Nestlé Waters France:
"We are delighted to be renewing our partnership with the Tour de France. For a brand like Vittel, the Tour is a unique opportunity in the height of the summer to strengthen the bond with its consumers in addition to the traditional media communication. The Tour provides a very special interactive experience. Over the years, the Tour de France has come through some testing times without the loyalty and mobilisation of its many spectators being affected. This is proof of the strength of this event which is still, in France, a major social event that is so much more than the great international sporting event that it has become."

Media contacts :
For Nestlé Waters : Hubert GUERIAU – + 33 (0)6 09 76 43 99 – [email protected]
Downloadable high definition visuals available at

For ASO: Christophe MARCHADIER – + 33 (0)6 07 02 42 17 – [email protected]


Each of the brands will, in their own area of expertise, try to offer the Tour spectators an original and specific experience with the product, aimed at making the event even more attractive to its many supporters.

>Marking on the distance banners counting down the last 25 kilometres. They will continue to bear the VITTEL brand name.
>Providing energy bars and gels to the riders and sponsoring the stage winner. They will be placed under the POWERBAR brand name.
>The organisation of a mini Tour, intended to give 10-12 year-old children a taste of the emotion and atmosphere of the race. It will be sponsored by NESQUIK
>The possibility of carrying out large-scale sampling aimed at the many spectators crowded along the edge of the roads, as part of the Publicity Caravan for VITTEL
>Finally, the sponsoring of various entertainments and tasting events at the start of each stage for RICORE

About the Nestlé Waters / ASO agreement
>began in 2001
>length 4 years: 2010-2013
>exclusivity in the area of drinks and sports nutrition
>member of the Tour de France Club (made up of the 4 major Tour partners)
>includes visibility on the race route and the possibility for entertainment / sampling throughout the race

About Nestlé Waters
>a division of the Nestlé group
>6 billion € turnover in 2008
>world leader in bottled water
>64 brands including the following in France: PERRIER, VITTEL, CONTREX, S.PELLEGRINO, HEPAR, VALVERT, NESTLE AQUAREL.

>natural mineral water declared of public interest in France since 1854
>over 800 million bottles per year sold in over 80 countries
>amongst the 3 leading mineral water brands available in all distribution channels in France

>The POWERBAR products, expert in sport nutrition and performance, strive each year to fulfil
the expectations of the riders who take part in the Tour de France.
>For POWERBAR, the Tour is also a real opportunity to demonstrate the qualities of its products as well as strengthening brand awareness among the fans.

>For over 45 years, NESQUIK has been one of the breakfast staples.
>NESQUIK is number 1 on its market with 29.1% market share in value
>18 million boxes sold per year (which means 1,500 bowls eaten/min)
>96% brand awareness in France and a strong identification with the "Quicky" mascot

>Since 1953, RICORE has been a must for breakfast for over 3 million French people every morning.
>RICORE is a well-being coffee made up of coffee, chicory and magnesium.
>A bowl of RICORE prepared with 250 ml of milk provides 15% of the "Recommended Daily Intake" of magnesium.
>90 million euros turnover 63% market share, 80% assisted brand awareness
>Since 2006 a new communication signature, “devenez du matin” (“become a morning person”) on the basis of its nutrition positioning, chicory -coffee -magnesium.
>Since 2008, RICORE has become a range of well being coffee with Ricoré Classique, Ricoré Intense and Ricoré Bonjour.

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