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Images and emotions to tell "Storie di Acqua”

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Images and emotions to tell
"Storie di Acqua"

Luca Pagliari and Sanpellegrino accompany Italians on a journey of discovery
through the world of water with a new documentary and awareness campaign.
With the Ministry of Environment Patronage.

Milan, 19 March 2013 – "Our country is among the richest in the world in terms of water resources," explains Professor Giovanni Pietro Beretta, a geologist at the University of Milan. "In fact, 97% of the fresh water in Italy is located in its aquifers. Part of these underground rivers run in contact with the rock, even for decades at a time, enriching the water with precious substances that transform it into mineral water. It is the particular nature of these rocks that characterize the 431 different mineral waters nationwide, of which about 300 are bottled for consumption. Piedmont is the region with the most springs on our peninsula, followed by Tuscany and Lombardy."

Everyone knows that H2O is the chemical formula for water, but few people know exactly what stories are hidden behind this invaluable asset. Do we realize on a daily basis how precious and vulnerable it is?

Through the grandeur of nature, "Storie di acqua" tells a moving story about the water cycle and the secrets that this perfect equilibrium holds. The idea began with Journalist and Writer Luca Pagliari, who, fascinated by this world, created a documentary about water, an irreplaceable resource and font of life. The documentary, which will be shown in a special preview screening today in Milan, is a journey of discovery through the world of water, mineral water and their sources; the story is told by individuals who come into daily contact with water, exceptional people who are fully able to appreciate the importance and value of the resource, and who wish to become its ambassadors.

The Sanpellegrino Group joined the project with the awareness that this resource is renewable but not infinite, opening the doors of it mineral water springs, which are normally not accessible to the public, including Acqua Panna in a natural reserve in the Mugello area, Nestlé Vera in Santo Stefano Quisquina, Sicily, and Levissima in the heart of the Alps. Sanpellegrino thus invites the public to discover this inestimable heritage given to us by nature.

"We have enthusiastically embraced this project, which is a fine reflection of our mission: to safeguard our water resources, starting at the source," says Daniela Murelli, director of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Sanpellegrino Group. "Storie di Acqua manages, on one hand, to fuse information with emotion, conveying the preciousness and richness of mineral waters to each and every viewer. On the other hand, it invites us to reflect on our relationship with the environment, and challenges each one of us to take personal responsibility for protecting the environment, with a full understanding of the value of our springs. Our quest to share this value with others, starting with the youngest members of society, is an integral part of our continuing commitment to sustainability."

Storie di Acqua lets us see for ourselves the journey that water takes, in all its forms, including mineral water, and takes us on an exploration of its origins, uncontaminated places that grant mineral water its unique characteristics, which are tied to the land from which it swells. If the land is not preserved, water as we know it will cease to exist, which is why environmental protection and the sustainable use of water resources are the main activities for a bottling company like the Sanpellegrino Group, which is actively engaged in the protection of its sources and surrounding lands, aware that the correct functioning of the water cycle is essential for the common good and the good of the planet.

"Even as we were filming on the glaciers and in the middle of a natural spring, I had no idea how precious and vulnerable water was, especially mineral water," admits Luca Pagliari, project creator and director. "Now, thanks to Sanpellegrino, I was able to see it for myself: the obsessive care with which our environmental heritage is defended from possible contamination makes plain the preciousness of this element. It takes years for mineral water to form on a fascinating journey, along a perfect path made of rocks that enrich it. And yet it takes nothing to destroy this delicate, amazing path of life."

Storie di Acqua is much more than a documentary; it is also the starting point for a 2013 awareness campaign about water resources. The campaign includes a year-long tour of high schools in the main cities of Italy – Milan, Florence (on World Water Day), Rome, Naples, Perugia and Bologna – with educational events spanning journalism and theatre meant to spark a dialogue with our youth about the future possibility of a more sustainable world.

Storie di Acqua reaches out to teens - the High School Awareness Campaign


19 March Milan
Cremona Scientific High School

22 March Florence
Leonardo Da Vinci State Superior School

16 April Rome
Morgagni Scientific High School

16 May Naples
SS Apostoli Artistic High School




Discover the miracle of springs: follow Luca Pagliari’s epic journey and school tour:


Sanpellegrino is the leading company in the beverage sector in Italy with its range of mineral waters, non-alcoholic aperitifs, drinks and iced teas. Its products, which are a synthesis of pleasure, health and well-being, are distributed in over 130 countries through branches and distributors on all five continents.

As a major Italian producer of mineral water, Sanpellegrino has always been committed to enhancing this primary good for the planet and works responsibly and passionately to ensure that this resource has a secure future.

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Water should be considered the greatest of the earth’s many treasures. This irreplaceable resource, synonymous with purity, is the most important font of life on Earth. These simple truths inspired journalist Luca Pagliari to embark on an exploration of the world of water and its origins in the new documentary "STORIE DI ACQUA".

Pagliari leads us on a fascinating journey through the uncontaminated land at the base of Mount Gazzaro, in Mugello, where the Acqua Panna water is sourced. Here, on a 1300-hectare estate that is run according to principles of sustainable development, forest conservation projects are carried out to protect the area’s rich flora and fauna. Yet, the story of the forest begins deep beneath the surface, where mineral water travels for 15-20 years through the aquifer, taking on natural elements that enhance its organoleptic profile before surging forth into the light of day. Here, a sophisticated computerized system protects the spring area, controlling the microclimate and the chemical and physical parameters of the mineral water to keep it as pure as the moment surged from the rock bed.

Our journey continues at Santo Stefano Quisquina, in the Sicilian province of Agrigento. Here on the Sicani Mountain Range, mankind has lived harmoniously with the environment for ages. This long-cherished land is well-preserved and deceptively rich in water.

Luca Pagliari concludes our journey atop a glacier in the heart of the Central Italian Alps in Valtellina; here we are joined by Glaciologist Claudio Smiraglia, who gives an expert account of the water cycle. Before becoming a notable professor at the University of Milan, Smiraglia dedicated his life to the study of glaciers and water, considering them – as we all should – the reason for life on earth. We follow him on an adventure through the heart of a mountain, where a mineral water spring lies, uncontaminated by human activity. This protected area is the source of Levissima water, which ranks amongst the top mineral waters as a symbol of unspoilt nature and towering mountains.

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