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EFBW Supports World Water Day 2011

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EFBW Supports World Water Day 2011
Water for Cities – Responding to the Urban Challenge

Brussels - 22 March, 2011 – The European Federation of Bottled Water (EFBW) supports World Water Day. Sponsored by the United Nations and held annually on 22 March, this year’s theme addresses the issue of water and urbanisation.

Water – an urban challenge
According to the UN, access to water is an increasing challenge, especially in rapidly growing cities of the developing world. Urban populations are rising at phenomenal rates, with close to 40% of urban expansion occurring in make-shift settlements and slums. At present, almost 900 million people – one in eight – lack access to safe drinking water.

Improving infrastructure
This year’s World Water Day aims to encourage international governments and local authorities to improve infrastructure for water access, increase the efficiency of urban water management schemes, and ensure protection of natural water resources from pollution.

Water is a precious resource
Water is vital to life and is our most precious resource. The European bottled water industry has long been committed to protecting natural water sources and the areas of land surrounding the springs (which can extend to several thousands of hectares).

At European level, many bottled water producers work in close partnership with local authorities and farmers to ensure that catchment areas are protected from pollution and to safeguard the rich ecosystems through which water filters to its source.

At international level, the industry is also involved in water conservation efforts, working in collaboration with NGO’s and local community groups. Some producers have also set up water education programmes to promote health and hygiene, and help to provide access to clean drinking water to underserved areas around the world.


About EFBW - The European Federation of Bottled Waters is a non-profit international trade association based in Brussels. Our members are national associations representing the interests of over 500 producers of bottled waters across Europe. EFBW works closely with European and international institutions which regulate on bottled water, including the European Commission and Codex Alimentarius.

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