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CONTREX offers in France a new approach to stay in shape

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Press Release

CONTREX offers in France a new approach to stay in shape

CONTREX, the number 1 "health water"* in France, launches an ambitious, original and funny communication campaign which as always connects with women.

CONTREX has come up with a new slant on staying in shape: MyContrexperience. Its tag line: "slimming would be easier if it was more fun". In practise CONTREX highlights a range of experiences women will love, getting them to burn calories whilst having fun. Thanks to this principle CONTREX takes women on a shared adventure full of energy and fun, to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle enabling them to stay in shape long term.

Campaign ingredients
- A TV ad which shows a typical example of "fun weight loss" promoted by the brand (in 45 and 30 second formats for television, and 97 seconds for Internet).
- Radio spots suggesting fun ways to lose weight easily each day.
- A Facebook Fan Page for MyContrexperience, sharing fun ways to stay in shape, challenges to take on with friends, a system of motivational alerts and a wealth of original content on weight loss (
- A "manifesto" booklet will be distributed in shops.

This campaign is the result of a collaboration of CONTREX with its new agency, Marcel, the creative and digital agency of the Publicis group, its first project with the brand.

MyContrexperience: available from 21 September 2011!
*"Health water": CONTREX, Hépar, Courmayeur, Rozana, St Yorre, Vichy Celestin, CONTREX aro, Taillefine Aro, Saint Antonin.


Press Contact - Public System
Emeline Guiraud
- 01 70 94 65 53 - [email protected]
Anne Chauvin - 01 41 34 23 10 – [email protected]

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