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Contrex's new face: Camille

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Press Release
New Packaging
August, 1st 

Camille is about to become part of women's daily lives on 50cl bottles of CONTREX!

CONTREX, the number 1 "health water"* in France, presents its new face: Camille.
Camille personifies the brand and represents the daily lives of women. She is dynamic, clumsy and funny, but
really personable.

She will come to life from July on 30 totally new labels on 50cl bottles of CONTREX in France and Belgium! 30 snapshots of life to make you smile...

Camille relates to CONTREX women

Camille relates to every woman and understands their daily lives: love relationships, work life, professional challenges, weight loss aims, shopping, children's education, etc. These moments, whether funny or frustrating, are what make life what it is! Who hasn't ended up taking their man's razor and then denying it when he realises it's gone, wondered about socks disappearing in the washing machine or done some exercise to feel better about themselves...two days before going to the beach?
Camille is a reminder that CONTREX is THE brand which relates to women. Every woman, regardless of her age or lifestyle, will relate to one of the snapshots of life featured on the labels and brought to life by Camille.
In addition to the humour, CONTREX has a message to communicate...Using this approach the brand has chosen to highlight the unique connection between women in a non-elitist and non-arrogant way. Camille will come to life from July in France and Belgium and will create an even stronger link between the brand and its many fans!

CONTREX, my slimming partner

- CONTREX, slimming partner for women, is the number 1 "health water"* sold in France. The natural mineral properties of CONTREX water were first identified 140 years ago (June 1861) by the French National Academy of Medicine and Department of Health. It provides calcium and magnesium, minerals which can be lacking when dieting, without the calories. It helps to flush out waste and toxins from the body, and almost 9 out of 10 women say that CONTREX helps to do that (Source: TNS Sofres study from July 08 of 100 regular CONTREX drinkers).

- This eminently feminine water (71% of CONTREX drinkers are women) provides all women trying to stay in shape with a solid support. The practical bottles with their feminine shape, fit perfectly in your hand and the different sizes available mean you can always have one with you. There is no secret for losing weight and staying in shape: take regular exercise and follow a healthy and balanced diet and drink 1.5l of CONTREX every day to flush out the body!

The message is clear: with CONTREX, you are mo-ti-vated to get into shape and stay that way!

Press Contact - Public System

Please contact us for visuals and more information about Camille!

Claire Baaklini - 01 41 34 20 54 - [email protected]
Anne Chauvin - 01 41 34 23 10 – [email protected]
Johanne Mamet - 01 70 94 65 46 - [email protected]

*"Health water": CONTREX, Hépar, Courmayeur, Rozana, St Yorre, Vichy Celestin, CONTREX aro, Taillefine Aro, Saint Antonin.

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