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Canibal & VITTEL partnership or how to have fun recycling?

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Canibal & VITTEL Partnership
Or how to have fun recycling?

Paris, 18 November 2011 - Canibal – a new company in the French recycling market - and VITTEL announced their collaboration. The two companies are complementary in their environmental approaches, and the partnership aims to increase recycling of mineral water bottles used out of home: no small challenge today as, worldwide, only one of every two plastic bottles is sorted and therefore recycled.

VITTEL and Canibal: two companies with complementary aims

VITTEL is joining forces with the dynamic and innovative initiative demonstrated by Canibal, which have developed a unique solution for recycling containers of drinks consumed out of home by creating a fun to use, innovative machine.

"Until now, there has been no organised system for collecting bottles of mineral water consumed out of home. These containers therefore constituted a source that was hitherto unexploited by the normal recycling companies. Canibal has filled this gap by offering a turnkey recycling solution that is fun, attractive and interactive. Canibal collects, sorts and compacts the small bottles, cans and plastic cups, and offers a variety of rewards," says Valérie Dupuis, sustainable development manager at Nestlé Waters France.

"We are delighted about this partnership with VITTEL. Instigators, collectors, recyclers and regenerators must work together nowadays so that recycling and circular economy becomes an effective waste management solution and we can reduce the quantities of available petroleum," adds Stéphane Marrapodi, co-founder of Canibal.

Canibal, a modern solution to encourage waste sorting:

> The fun to use, innovative machine created by Canibal collects, sorts and compacts cans and plastic bottles and cups in companies and in public areas. When someone puts one of these containers into the machine, the rollers start up and if three identical logos pop up, the person wins a jackpot! They can choose between money-off coupons, vouchers and offers from partner companies, or they can opt to donate their winnings to a charity.


>The company has set up an A to Z procedure to recover these containers. When the machine is full, Canibal picks up the containers collected to recycle them and sell the resulting second-generation raw materials to French industries.

> VITTEL will be one of Canibal’s main partners, and Canibal will offer its users a "VITTEL jackpot":

- Coupons or vouchers
- A donation of the winnings to "Pur Projet", an organisation working with VITTEL to preserve the climate through reforestation and community forest conservation.
- A short educational film about recycling and waste sorting will also be shown on the machine screen. Finally, the company will carry the Canibal message to its own clients.

VITTEL, a source of wellness for 155 years!

For the last ten years, VITTEL has been committed to protecting the environment:
Protecting the source. To ensure the quality of its natural mineral water, VITTEL, through its subsidiary AGRIVAIR, is committed to conserving its spring in the Vosges mountains. For nearly 20 years the company has been encouraging farmers to adopt eco-friendly methods with the aim of developing "zero-pesticide" agriculture.
Awareness of the need for waste sorting. In partnership with Eco-Emballages and henceforth with Canibal, VITTEL is making its consumers aware of the need to recycle and to recover food packaging through a communication campaign on bottles, in the media and in stores, etc.
Large-scale reforestation project in Amazonia. For the second year running, VITTEL is continuing this programme with "Pur Projet", a collective working in the fight against global warming. This operation has been on-going since 2010, and aims to plant 1 million trees by 2012.
Research. VITTEL is co-financing the teaching and research chair in Bio-plastics at the Ecole des Mines de Paris to try to find a bio-sourced alternative to packaging materials made from petroleum.

The sustainable development actions VITTEL has been conducting for more than ten years have shown concrete results:

  • Its bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • The weight of its 1.5 litre packaging has been reduced by 18% in 10 years. More recently, in 2010, the change in the shape of the 2L Vittel bottle has saved 300 tonnes of PET.
  • More than 30% of VITTEL products are now transported by rail (twice as much as the average goods transport in France).
  • In eight years, the VITTEL bottling site has reduced the volumes of additional water used to produce its bottles by one quarter.

About Canibal

Domiciled in Gennevilliers, a suburb of Paris, Canibal is a limited liability company with a capital of 350,800 euros created in 2009. Co-founded by Benoît Paget and Stéphane Marrapodi, the company develops and markets a recycling solution for drinks packages such as cans, small plastic bottles and plastic coffee cups outside the home.

Canibal sells the waste they collect and recover to industries, thereby providing a general solution to the economic, social and environmental issues involved in sustainable development and raw material shortages.

The patented technology won 1st prize for Canibal in the 2010 Trophée de l’Innovation Responsable (Responsible Innovation Trophy) organised by the Ile de France Regional Council.

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