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A new challenge for Perrier: the launch of Eau de Perrier

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Paris, 24th April 2003


Continuing the strategy of reconstruction

Already competitive on the carbonated drinks market, today Perrier is taking on a new segment of the market - lightly sparkling waters - by launching “Eau de Perrier”.

Three years after implementing its reconstruction policy, Perrier is entering into a new phase of its development whilst continuing to pursue the announced corporate strategy. This policy has produced significant results, with a +8.5% increase in sales in 2002, equalling the historic level of 1991 with 760 million bottles.

A goal of reconstruction based on a clear strategy: accelerated growth of volumes achieved by:

1. Strengthening of the international distribution network

Conquest of new markets in “high potential” countries
Consolidation of positions in major countries

2. Recruitment of new consumers through the deveopment of new products and packaging

  • 2001: Perrier creates its 50 cl PET “on-the-go” format, for people on the move and thus boosts its image. Today, the 50 cl PET bottle is present in 8 countries with a total of 39 million bottles.
  • 2002: In France, Perrier launches the Perrier Fluo range with surprising and original flavours to win over the young adult market. Perrier Fluo has proved to be a significant success gaining close to 20 % market share in hypermarkets and causing the flavoured sparkling water market to grow by 15 %.

3. Strengthening of internal communications between unions and management

  • Implementation of a policy of dialogue between unions and management.
  • Signing in 2002 and 2003 of agreements to modernise the logistical organisation of the site and of production during the weekend, enabling the hiring of 107 people.

4. Improvement of the industrial site

  • In terms of production: increase of capacity and improvement of performances.
  • In terms of quality: implementation of a complete traceablity system for finished products, right up to the final consumer.
  • In terms of logistics: increase of storage capacities, streamlining of the flow of finished products and specialisation of warehouses by markets.

2003: Third stage of development: The launch of Eau de Perrier

- The conquest of a new segment for Perrier

  • Spontaneous demand from consumers, brought to light by tests, has enabled the launch of Eau de Perrier, a light and accessible sparkling water, to be drunk for pleasure first and foremost.
  • Perrier therefore decides to launch on the lightly sparkling water market (10 billion litres in Europe per year) resting on the notion of pleasure, where the brand has real legitimacy.

- Eau de Perrier: A lightly sparkling water, 100 % pleasure!

  • Packaging which reflects the Perrier spirit
  • A fine and light water to be drunk throughout the day
  • A water bearing the Perrier hallmark: the bubbliest little bubbles on the market.


Eau de Perrier

    - Natural sparkling mineral water from the Perrier spring in Vergèze (30)
    - Carbonation at 5g/L
    - Sodium level: 11.5mg/L
    - 1 litre PET bottle (Dragon Rouge)
    - Simultaneous launch in France and Belgium.
    - Eau de Perrier will be available from mid May 2003 in supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as in numerous out-of-home sales outlets.
    - Presented in a 6 x 1 litre PET pack.

    - France: 0.63 euro per bottle / 3.78 euros per pack
    - Belgium: 0.80 euro per bottle / 4.79 euros per pack

    - Television advertising (Ogilvy & Mather)

    On-line from mid May onwards 

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