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“My Contrexperience” the new Contrex campaign creates a buzz!

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Press release
24 November 2011

"My Contrexperience" the new Contrex campaign
creates a buzz!

Last September, CONTREX, the leading "health-enhancing" mineral water* in France, launched an original, innovative advertising campaign that is topping all the popularity charts!

With the pretty gloomy economic situation worldwide, the French are looking for a bit of positivism and fun. Contrex is perfectly in tune with these needs, and offers a different attitude to slimming: no more frustration, boredom or deprivation! For the brand that is close to its women consumers, "Slimming would be easier if it were more fun." Using this message, Contrex launched last September an innovative, multichannel advertising campaign: MyContrexperience, with TV, radio and Facebook FanPage versions. French women have been very enthusiastic about this idea, which opens up new horizons: have fun together and burn calories.

The TV ad which has met with huge success, takes women on a fun-filled energetic group adventure.

Women in the street noticed that by pedalling hard on the stationary bikes placed on a town square, they got the outline portrayed in lights of a huge male strip-teaser taking his clothes off… and while doing so burned plenty of calories while having a great time! The event has become a legend in "fun slimming" that the brand recommends.

The film MyContrexperience was the first video seen on YouTube in October 2011 !
In all it has been seen nearly 20 Million times on:
Viméo: 8,717,234 hits on the site & the blogs relaying the site
YouTube: 11,072,641 hits
Data as of 16/11/2011

The Facebook fanpage now has more than 49,000 fans. "Slimming challenges" and fun exercises are regularly posted on the page, making it fun to look after your body. Support to prevent you giving it all up is provided in a humorous tone to avoid those moments of weakness we all know so well!

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* "Eau santé": CONTREX, Hépar, Courmayeur, Rozana, St Yorre, Vichy Celestin, CONTREX Aro, Taillefine Aro, Saint Antonin.

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