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“Creating Shared Value”, first sustainable development report from Nestlé Waters

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Paris, 27 May 2011


 "Creating Shared Value"
First sustainable development report from Nestlé Waters


In preparation for World Environment Day on 5th June, Nestlé Waters has published a report entitled "Creating Shared Value" that presents the results of its commitment to quality, environmental performance and social contribution between 2005 and 2010.

Nestlé Waters is committed to providing everyone with top quality water at the lowest possible cost…

John J. Harris, CEO of Nestlé Waters:  

"Water is life. The human body requires between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day; drinking good quality water is a public health necessity. At Nestlé Waters, we are committed to providing healthy hydration for all. Naturally, this commitment requires responsible, sustainable management of both water resources and bottles. The bottle guarantees the stability and integrity of our products from the spring to the end consumer. Bottle production, transportation and end-of-life management have a direct impact on our company's environmental footprint. We have a responsibility to become more effective every year: reducing packaging weight, using less water, recycling more…. I believe that this commitment to effectiveness ensures that the economic development of our business also drives progress in public health, environmental protection and social development. At a time when excess calorie consumption is making obesity an increasing concern across the world, bottled water has a particularly important role to play in reminding us all that healthy hydration is a key part of our nutritional balance…"

 Five key topics developed in "Creating Shared Value"

 With a view to ensuring open communications, "Creating Shared Value" presents detailed information on all the water resource management, quality control, environmental protection and health management practices employed by Nestlé Waters between 2005 and 2010. The report covers the following five key topics:

  • Company missions and main changes
  • The commitment to quality that lies at the heart of the Nestlé Waters mindset
  • Responsible management of the springs and water resources that form the basis of our business
  • End-to-end environmental performance throughout the product lifecycle (production, packaging, distribution)
  • Actions conducted in close collaboration with the community to promote the creation of shared value, in three main areas: healthy hydration, water care, and local community development

Some key figures:

20% reduction in CO2 per liter produced
The carbon footprint of Nestlé Waters bottled water was reduced by an average of 20% since 2005, to 175g of CO2 equivalent per liter.

10g reduction in packaging 
In 2010, the packaging required for each liter of bottled water sold by Nestlé Waters worldwide (bottle, bottle cap, film, crate, box, etc.) weighed 41.1g. This represents a 10g reduction since 2005, or a 19% weight loss over 5 years.

34% less water used
Bottling water requires us to use water…For each liter of water bottled in one of the 100 Nestlé Waters plants across the world, an average of 0.65 liters of additional water is necessary to cool and clean the production lines. That is 34% less than in 2005.

Nestlé Waters 

Nestlé Waters is a leading global provider of bottled water and healthy hydration. It produced close to 25 billion liters in 2010, employs 31,600 people and has 102 production sites in 36 countries. Its portfolio includes 67 brands (including Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Poland Spring, Vittel, Contrex, and more). Nestlé Waters currently generates approximately 10% of overall Nestlé Group revenues.  


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