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S. Pellegrino, a Cannes Festival official partner since 2010, is back with the second episode of the Trattoria S. Pellegrino saga, and this year it has added a new ingredient to its recipe for success: the sea!

From 15 to 19 May, lunch and dinner menus will taste like they never did before... for the brand has reinvented the very concept of the “restaurant with a view” by laying its tables aboard boats, for an exceptional gastronomic experience featuring a free, offshore meal prepared by two Michelinstarred chefs: it’s a genuine world first!

With S. Pellegrino, customers don’t have to go to their tables: the tables “sail” to them!

• A gastronomic meal offshore, concocted by a pair of exceptional chefs! Continuing on the theme of the “Trattoria S. Pellegrino”, the sophisticated pop-up restaurant launched in 2010 which showcased some famous Italian chefs, the brand is back this year with a totally original gastronomic experience: the “Trattoria S. Pellegrino al mare”. The S. Pellegrino brand, already well-established in the world of haute cuisine, has challenged two Michelin-starred chefs, Marco Stabile from Italy and Alain Llorca from France, to come up with an exceptional menu to be served to some 400 guests during the event. This four-handed feat of craftsmanship requires both chefs to express all their talent as they revisit the finest Italian and French products, all washed down, of course, with Cannes special editio S.Pellegrino, the official Festival water. 

• A secret phone number to book your table. A phone number will be activated from 14 May, and publicized at a few strategic locations along the Croisette, so that only the most attentive Festival-goers will be able to book a table! Through this experience, S. Pellegrino is bringing together two of the values which it holds dearest: gastronomy and the Italian lifestyle, intertwined in the unique setting of the Bay of Cannes. 

• About S. Pellegrino S. Pellegrino, the epitome of Italian lifestyle, is a regular guest at the world’s best tables, where its fine sparkle provides a perfect accompaniment for the finest dishes. After a long journey through the heart of the Italian Alps, S. Pellegrino natural mineral water derives its character from the 500-metre-deep spring which it is drawn from in the village of San Pellegrino Terme, 23 kilometres from Bergamo, in Lombardy. S. Pellegrino has a harmonious mineral content: its tiny, tinkling bubbles, with their stylish blend of freshness and effervescence, are a delight for anyone who considers the Italian lifestyle to be synonymous with the pleasures of the palate. 

 • About S. Pellegrino’s partnership with the Cannes International Film Festival  S.Pellegrino has been the Cannes International Film Festival’s official water since 2010: it is served with all official lunches and dinners held over the Festival fortnight. For this 67th Festival, 80,000 bottles will be distributed at over 40 key locations along the Croisette. 30 million Cannes special edition bottles of S.Pellegrino will also be produced this year; they will be available in restaurants and retail outlets from the end of April. 

• About chefs Alain Llorca and Marco Stabile

Alain Llorca is one of those rare emblematic chefs whose style is instantly recognizable. His name is synonymous with the “cuisine du Sud”, and he is one of the leading lights of this cooking style which has made the French Riviera’s reputation. Now considered a pillar of contemporary Mediterranean cooking, Chef Llorca has been passionate about the culinary arts since his earliest childhood. He was drawn to the stove at the age of 11, first watching his parents and then preparing his very first dishes for them. He learned his trade for eight years at the Negresco hotel in Nice, where he perfected his technique, developed his personality and displayed an extraordinary creative sense. Honorable recognition was then to come from the Guide Michelin, which awarded him two stars in 1996. In 2004, he became Roger Vergé’s worthy successor at the Moulin de Mougins, where he stayed for four years, and then in 2007 he launched Café Llorca, an innovative ‘bistronomie’ concept in Vallauris. Chef Llorca now welcomes guests to his own restaurant, which he opened in 2009 at La Colle-sur-Loup, near Saint-Paul de Vence, one of France’s most magnificent villages.   

Marco Stabile, a young chef who hails from Tuscany, was quick to make a name for himself in Italy. He learned his trade by worked in or contributing to some of Italy’s finest restaurants, including the famous Baghino in Prato, Il Paese dei Campanelli and Il Chiasso dei Portici, to name but a few. His most recent claim to fame, before he opened the Ora d’Aria where he is both resident chef and owner, was his excellent work as right-hand man to the incomparable Gaetano Trovato at the Arnolfo at Colle Val d’Elsa (2 Michelin stars). Marco also teaches at some of Italy’s most famous cookery schools, for example at Jesi, Montecatini Terme and the Academia del Gusto in Arezzo. Since 2009, he has been a member of the prestigious Young Restaurateurs of Europe association. He was awarded his first Michelin star in November 2011.



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