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Perrier slim can: same bubbles, new body

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the most unconventional brand of French mineral water, is launching the PERRIER SLIM CAN! 25cl of pleasure…

PERRIER SLIM CAN means you can always have your dose of PERRIER refreshment at your fingertips.
Imagine the streamlined can, better designed, very premium, PERRIER presents the new nomadic member of the range. Young and modern, the SLIM CAN provides just what you need to refresh yourself…

Exceptional design Shape and decoration of the SLIM CAN definitely “trendy” and ‘avant-garde’, it gives a “very PERRIER” look. Specially designed for everyone who likes the PERRIER spirit, it respects the identity of the brand, while giving it a new designer look! The new creative world meets the iconic bottle, reuniting the 2 aspects that characterize PERRIER the most: bubbles and refreshment.

25 cl the ideal dose with loads of advantages!
Smaller, more dynamic, easier to carry around, simpler to store… SLIM CAN provides several advantages for the amateurs of refreshing sensations, and as such, multiplies the opportunities for savouring a PERRIER.

PERRIER: at home, with a snack or even at the beach, the SLIM CAN is comfortable everywhere.

Just the right amount, adapted with cocktailmaking and midnight thirsts in mind:
with this new shape, PERRIER stays the star of  avant-garde cocktails, so you can use just the right amount with no waste or spillage… Night-owls can find the SLIM CAN in their favourite clubs, so they can enjoy just the right amount to quench their thirst…

Concentrated quality SLIM CAN 25 cl maintains quality perfectly, the strength of the bubbles and the unique  aste of PERRIER.

Different tastes for a variety of experiences!
SLIM CAN PERRIER Original, accompanied by two other flavours: pink grapefruit and lime. Perfect mixes of flavour for some variety of refreshing breaks.

Slim shape but huge advantages!

  • A younger and more modern shape
  • “Trendy” design, “very Perrier”
  • Suited to an ‘on the go’ consumption
  • An elongated shape, easier to hold
  • 3 proposed flavours for more sensation: nature, pink grapefruit and lime
  • The ideal shape for quenching your thirst any time, day or night


Size: 25 cl
Distribution: HORECA and Retail
Retail inter: filmpack x 35
Retail US: filmpack x 35 + fridgepack x 10 plain, pink grapefruit & lime.


PERRIER is a french natural mineral water sparkling with natural gas captured at the spring. Well-known worldwide, it’s present in 140 countries in different sizes and forms: 33 cl, 50 cl, 1 L, etc… Glass, PET or can.

The PERRIER range is composed of natural products, natural flavours, sparkling with fine bubbles. This trade mark is recognized for the quality of its taste, the refreshing sensations that it provokes with the strength of its unparalleled bubbles

But also for its unique position amongst sparkling waters, between soft and alcoholic drinks!

PERRIER has only one promise: “The Ultimate Refreshment and sensorial stimulation for intense pleasures moments” !

Armelle Roulland - 01 41 23 37 88

Download the press release