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Perrier and the French Tennis Federation have renewed their partnership for another 5 years.

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30 April 2010

Perrier and the French Tennis Federation have renewed their partnership for another 5 years. This will mark the famous brand's 33rd year at Roland Garros.

The beginnings …

The partnership dates back to 1928 but the first contract was not signed until 1978. Each new development in the partnership is closely linked to the brand's development strategy and its position on the market.

At that time, the partnership concentrated on the notion of exclusivity for the brand name and the presence of Perrier cool-boxes on the court. The first products to be given out to the players were of course Perrier, but also Contrex, then other brands of still water belonging to the Perrier Group, such as Thonon and Valvert. Perrier also managed the bars and snack bars inside the stadium, which enabled them, for some years, to promote the sale of products by the Nestlé Waters Group, including Pschitt and Gini.

More recently …

The agreement soon focussed on the Perrier brand alone. Firstly in terms of visibility, with the players' rest area, then in 1996 with the umpire's chair being marked with the brand. This makes Perrier the only brand to be seen when the players change sides during the matches. This overall approach means that the brand is recognised as one of the 3 main partners that the public associates with the event.

An across the board approach, combining the supply of water to the champions and the spectators with strong brand visibility on the players' benches on the courtside and the point of sale decoration.

Perrier at Roland Garros: some key figures:
- 57,000 bottles of Perrier sold to the public, totalling approximately 30,000 litres
- 18,000 litres of Perrier sparkling water for the organisation and the players
- 20,000 bobs
- 70 armoires Perrier
- 40 cool-boxes in total, or 2 cool-boxes
- 12 points of sale fitted out and decorated
- 3 cool drinks distributors
- 40 shuttles for Roland-Garros for the public and the press with a Perrier events
- 1 bar with an innovative concept: Mixology by Perrier
- Over 1,000 guests welcomed during the two weeks of the tournament

This new agreement once again proves Perrier's attachment to the French Internationals at Roland-Garros, as official supplier of bubbles to the whole tournament.

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