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Nestlé Waters: a company that's in the race

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Nestlé Waters, already the official bottled water supplier of the Paris Half-Marathon through its Nestlé Aquarel brand and the world’s leading bottled water company, will be fielding a team of 25 employees in the race this year.

This operation is part of a comprehensive internal communication plan aimed at increasing awareness among the company’s employees of the importance of a balanced diet and regular physical exercise to maintain good health.

Paris (France), 24th February 2006

Nearly 25 Nestlé Waters’ employees of different nationalities will be on the starting line of the Paris 2006 half-marathon on the 5th March 2006, on the esplanade of the Chateau of Vincennes. This race is the linchpin of an internal communication drive that was launched one year ago. Known as "Nutrition, Health & Wellness ", it is aimed at encouraging employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

Over several months, a number of actions have been staged focusing on daily balanced diets, physical activity and well-being. These initiatives echo the "Nutrition, Health & Wellness " strategy that Nestlé has initiated across all of its activities world-wide by way of four fundamental vectors:

- Science: aligning science and consumer benefits
- Products: developing a nutritional benefit for all the company’s product ranges
- Brands: communicating this nutritional benefit in a tried and tested manner
- Employees: promoting a good diet as a key to development


Given that water, by definition, is a fundamental pillar of life and health, Nestlé Waters plays a major role in promoting this strategy at all levels. A set of tools and actions have been devised for the company’s employees to promote this state of mind and help each and every one of them become both a player and ambassador for the company’s strategy.

This has involved the following actions:

- Developing standard Nutrition and Hydration reference tools, including an interactive CD-ROM, a frequently updated intranet site and dedicated sections in the internal corporate magazine,
- Staging an exhibition in the corporate restaurant depicting the basic elements of a healthy diet. The menus were revised with the help of a dietician to help all employees make a balanced choice according to their needs,
- Organising conferences in order to further people’s knowledge of the topic, at which nutritionists and sports doctors spoke and answered questions interactively,
- Offering individual consultations with dieticians and with a sports coach to those seeking a check-up and keen to improve their diet and physical activity,
- Organising a number of mini-competitions to keep the interest sharp internally, with prizes including books, sports accessories and coached fitness sessions.


Finally, a two-month training programme was developed for the most motivated employees, run by a professional fitness coach, with a view to preparing them to take part in the Paris half-marathon. As part of their training, these employees have been backed by an original tool developed by Nestlé Waters known as HydraOpt: its web site,, features a program which enables to define a personalised hydration profile before, during and after exercising.

Nestlé Waters, the botled water division of the Nestlé Group, is a global player in the field of bottled water, present in 130 countries world-wide. With a portfolio of 77 brands (sold in all types of packaging, though all distribution channels) Nestlé Waters is the world leader for bottled water.

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