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Nestlé participates in World Water Week to reaffirm its commitment to water quality

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3 September 2010

Nestlé participates in World Water Week to reaffirm its commitment to water quality

From September 5-10, experts, practitioners, decision makers and leaders from around the globe meet in Stockholm to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions around the topic of water. The main theme of the 2010 event is "Water Quality", a topic of concern for all water users, including a food and beverage company like Nestlé.

Nestlé Waters, whose business it is to provide tasty quality water to our consumers, tracks water quality from the source to the consumer:

Water quality is one of the decisive criteria when identifying water sources for Nestlé Waters’ brands. It is not only a question of the natural purity of the source (lack of chemical or microbiological pollution) but also about the level of mineralization and the taste and smell of the water.

Nestlé Waters constantly monitors the water sources operated by the Company, both in terms of quantity as well as quality. The Company has a clear interest in the long-term preservation of the water sources: In addition to optimising our own water use (2004-2009: water use was reduced by 20%) and to minimising any potential negative effect from our own operations (i.e. management of waste water), Nestlé Waters works with local actors, such as authorities and farmers, to promote frameworks and practices that are more beneficial to the preservation of thelocal water source.

Nestlé Waters also promotes the preservation of water quality more broadly, working with Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) in more than 10 countries around the world to educate future generations about the importance of water and water preservation. Nestlé is also an active member of other water initiatives such as the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, and the 2010 Water Resources Group which recently issued the report, “Charting our water future; pathways and tools to reform”.

Water quality is part of Nestlé Waters promise to consumers : Consumer safety is our primary concern and Company experts undertake continuous monitoring activities that focus on the safety and quality of the products and packaging. This goes from monitoring at source level, to multiple stages throughout the production process, and all the way to the finished product delivered to the customer. A dedicated quality team is in place at all levels in theorganization (national, regional, corporate) supported by a best-in-class Company laboratory located in Vittel, France that identifies potential quality issues and ensures water quality for our consumers.

Nestlé is taking an active role in this year World Water Week:

José Lopez, Nestlé's Executive Vice President Operations, will present Nestlé’s practices and priorities when it comes to water quality in the session "Water Quality Challenge - Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement" taking place in Stockholm Monday September 6, 15.30 - 17.30

Edited clips of the sessions will be available on after the World Water Week.

Nestlé is also participating in the session, "Charting our water future: Pathways and Tools to reform" on Wednesday September 8th as one of the organizations, together with the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank, behind the "Charting Our Water Future" report.

Nestlé Waters press contact:
Frédérique HENRY
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