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Hurricane Katrina relief efforts

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Nestlé Waters North America Inc. provides you with this information in response to the many inquiries received in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

(GREENWICH, CT) September 2, 2005 –

In an effort begun on Tuesday, Nestlé Waters North America Inc. as of today has either delivered or committed for donation several million bottles of bottled water for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The company has more bottled water available as relief agencies issue requests and identify staging areas.

FEMA, the American Red Cross and AmeriCares are the organizations through which Nestlé Waters is directly making its product donations. The company is providing both the bottled water and, in most cases, the transportation to staging areas designated by the relief organizations.

Nestlé Waters North America is donating bottled water from its brands across the U.S. including:

• Nestlé Pure Life available nationally
• Poland Spring in Maine
• Deer Park in the Mid-Atlantic
• Zephyrhills in Florida
• Ice Mountain in the Midwest
• Ozarka in Texas
• Arrowhead in California

The company is a multi-year supporter of the American Red Cross, providing annual funding and product in-kind donations. During emergencies like Hurricane Katrina, Nestlé Waters also works with relief organizations and emergency management officials to ensure that disaster victims have an adequate supply of clean, safe drinking water.


Download the press release