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Grand opening of Edong Factory

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Pulmuone Waters invests KRW 60 Billion(US $ 53 million)in a new cutting-edge bottled water factory in PocheonEdong

- Pulmuone Waters,the jointventure between Nestlé Waters and the Pulmuone Group,continuesto lead theindustryby investing in environmentally sustainableyet highly efficient production facilitiesto capture the strong bottled water growth potential in Korea

- This new factory will produce two brands: Pulmuone Saemmul by Nature (PSN)and Nestlé Pure Life(NPL)

(Seoul –July 10th, 2013)Pulmuone Waters, a leading companyin the domestic bottled water industry, announced theofficial opening of Edong Factory at Edong, Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province on July 10th.

The KRW 60 Billion(40 million € -US $ 53 million)Edong factory is twice the size of the company’s previous factory in Munkwang and is equipped with Nestle Waters’cutting-edgetechnology andinnovative systemsthat can produce an average of 2.6 million bottles (500 ml) a day.

Pulmuone Waters’ Edong Factory applies highly efficient and environmentally sustainabletechnology and systems. PET plastic bottles produced at the factory use short caps and are much lighter, cuttingnearly 1,8tons of CO2emissionsperyear.The buildinghas a number of sustainable design features, e.g. the walls are made of glass tolet throughnatural light, which helps reduceenergy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.The factoryappliesa unique waste water treatment systemthat has high purification standards –twice higher than what is required by local law.

All the products at Edong factory undergo over 600 quality tests, which is more than ten times the 51 tests required by domestic law. The new factory is located at Edong, Pocheon, in the Gyeonggi Province, a region in a natural and clean environment in the foothills of the Hanbuk Mountain range.

John Harris,Chairman and CEOof NestléWaters said: "Weare pleasedto officiallyopen our new factory inEdong. This investmentdemonstrates our confidence in the sustainable growthof Korean bottled water. Thenew factoryis also agoodexample of how we invest to combinestrong production efficiency with environmentally sustainableperformance.With this investmentwe will havenew possibilities to support the growth of our brands,reinforcingPulmuoneSaemmulby Nature, and at the same time developingour global Nestlé Pure Lifebrand."

Hieryun Chung, CEOof Pulmuone Waters, said"As a pioneer in the Koreanbottled water market, we have focused our efforts on setting the bar higher for the whole industry by producing the highest quality products. We are proud to announce the opening of the Edong Factory, with itscutting edge technology and the most advanced environmentally sustainablesystems. We will continue to drive innovationwithour products and facilities to provide best quality water to meet the needs and preferences of our Korean consumers."

About Nestlé Waters

Founded in 1992, Nestlé Waters is the water businessof the Nestlé Group. Itis the world’sleading bottled water company, with consolidatedsales of CHF 7,174billion in 2012 ( 5,950 million € / US$ 7,600 million // KRW 8,600 billion) representing approximately8% of the total Nestlé Group sales. Nestlé Waters employs 33,500 people in 36 countries. It benefits from 104 bottling factories and manages a portfolioof 65brands. NestléPure Lifewas in 1999and has become the world’s No.1 bottled water, with10 billion litres sold in 41 countriesin 2012.

About Pulmuone Waters

The Pulmuone Groupwas the firstcompanyto introducebottled water products toKoreaand has been leading themarket since then. In 2004, Pulmuone Waters was founded as a joint venture between NestléWaters and Pulmuone.Main products areNestléPure Lifeand Pulmuone Saemmul by Nature (PSN),known to be naturally balancedwith mineralsas it has beenfiltered by rich granite soil.

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