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Nestlé Supports the Sustainable Use of Water and Presents its  5 Commitments on Water

Mexico, 16/03/06

Why does water matter to Nestlé?
Water is essential to human life – for basic health and survival, as well as for food production and industry.
As the leading Food and Beverage Company, water is obviously one of the most valuable natural resources for Nestlé. 
    • Because the Company uses water in its manufacturing operations 
    • Because its consumers use water for the preparation of most of its products 
    • Because Nestlé sells bottled water from some of the best know sources in the world

Nestlé is dedicated to continuous progress in its water utilization.

Although Nestlé is a very small water user (accounting for about 0.005% of the world’s freshwater consumption and 0.0009% for its bottled water business), the Company looks, year after year, for innovative ways to improve its water utilization. For example, thanks to its industrial and R&D efforts, Nestlé has successfully reduced its water use in food manufacturing by over 40% in the last 5 years.

Today, Nestlé wishes to share its Commitments on the sustainable use of Water.

Water is an area in which continuous improvement must be the rule. Different policies and procedures have been developed over the years in order to help ensure consistency and to support the sustainable use of water within the Company’s activities.

Today, Nestlé wishes to share its Commitments on its use of Water, condensing its policies and procedures into 5 key points:

  • Work to continue reducing the amount of water used per kilo of food and beverage produced
  • Assure that our activities respect local water resources
  • Take care that water we discharge into the environment is clean
  • Engage with agricultural suppliers to promote water conservation among farmers
  • Reach out to others to collaborate on water conservation and access, with a particular focus on women and children

These Nestlé Commitments are meant to provide a clear overview of Nestlé’s ambitions in water, what the Company believes in and what it strives to achieve.

You can find more information about Nestlé’s Commitments on Water and some concrete examples of Nestlé actions on water preservation in the "Every drop counts…" leaflet, which is notably available on the Nestlé stand at the World Water Expo and on the Group’s websites. The case studies used in this report are not unique. Similar projects and processes can be found in Nestlé’s activities all over the world.

Why is Nestlé participating in the 4th World Water Forum?

Preserving and expanding access to clean water is a challenge that no individual company, organisation, or government can solve in an isolated manner.

The World Water Forum is the biggest global event on water – a real platform for learning about and discussing water issues. As a major global company, and as a water consumer, Nestlé believes it is important that the private sector also take part in the discussion on water issues.

The Nestlé Commitments on Water reflect the 4th World Water Forum theme: Local Actions for a Global Challenge: Nestlé’s Commitments represent global policies that the Company strives to implement through its employees in all its local operations around the world.

Carlo Donati, Executive Vice President of Nestlé SA and CEO of Nestlé Waters: "We need to look beyond ideologies, and focus on where each one of us can make a difference, whether as individuals, industry or the agricultural sector."

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