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European bottled water industry increases water efficiency by 18% over 5 year period

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European bottled water industry increases
water efficiency by 18% over 5 year period

EFBW members calculate water use ratio based on harmonised methodology

Brussels – 19 March 2012 – The European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) is pleased to announce the results of sector’s first water efficiency evaluation. This initiative is a major step forward for the industry.

As part of its commitment to water stewardship and to reducing water consumption overall, EFBW members implemented the study to evaluate industry trends in water use efficiency and to improve consistency and accuracy in performance reporting.

Data was compiled from seventy-seven bottling locations throughout Europe and reflects water use at each facility type over a five year period (2006-2010).

The study confirms that the European bottled water industry has achieved regular and substantial improvements in water use efficiency since 2006. The average water use ratio evolved from 2.23 L in 2006 to 1.82 L in 2010, representing an 18% improvement. On average, water consumption decreased by 26% as result of continuous improvements in water resource management.

This is the first time a quantitative benchmark for water use has been established, encouraging members to engage in a reliable and robust monitoring system and helping to demonstrate continuous improvements.

Bernard Pruvost, Chair of EFBW’s Environment Working Group said, "The bottled water industry is responsible about water use within its plants, from source to bottling, including all consumption. The water use ratio is the basis for establishing efficiency analysis. With this evaluation we are able to gauge the industry’s performance during the last five years and then annually for the years to come."

Water-saving measures are critical in the face of environmental challenges such as water scarcity and climate change. Water consumption is a one of the key indicators of environmental performance and improving water efficiency has been an important objective for the industry.

Patricia Fosselard Secretary General of EFBW commented, "Bottlers are implementing a number of measures and technologies to save water use across their plants, and so are continuously improving their performance. We are proud of this first milestone, which will provide a benchmark for future progress in terms of water savings".

About EFBW

EFBW is the voice of the European bottled water industry. We are a non-profit trade association with a membership base that includes national associations, companies and scientific bodies, collectively representing more than 600 producers of bottled water across Europe. EFBW works to ensure that naturally sourced waters continue to offer a high quality, pure and convenient way to hydrate, and represents a sustainable and responsible choice for European citizens. The association represents more than 158,000 direct employees throughout the production chain.

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