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Poland Spring supports leading US Ecology School

Poland Spring supports Ecology School

Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has contributed $500,000 for an education and dining commons at the new campus of The Ecology School, a pioneer and leader in environmental education based in Maine. The contribution is part of the school’s fund-raising campaign to create the most sustainable building in the US Northeast.

Ecology school building mockup - Scott Simons Architects

Since 2001, Poland Spring has provided more than $1 million to support The Ecology School, allowing more than 15,000 students to receive 178,000 hours of science instruction, including water quality testing and learning about the importance of recycling and healthy eating.

The Ecology School is a nonprofit education center that transforms how people think about nature and the environment. Since 1998, it has hosted more than 187,000 students and teachers from across the United States, educating about the environment and our collective impact on the planet. The new campus doors are expected to open in November 2020.

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