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It's crunch time for plastic! Can plastic packaging really be sustainable? Does recycling make a difference?

In this podcast, we take you on a journey to discover new ways to recycle. 21st century science and eco-awareness unite!

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Episode 1 - We are talking BIORECYCLING

Infinite recycling of plastic! Can all PET really be recycled again and again?

Professor Alain Marty is a leading expert in enzyme research and is the Chief Science Officer at Carbios, a green chemistry research company based in France. Working with Nestlé Waters, Professor Marty and Carbios are using enzymes to make plastic recycling a virtuous circle.

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Episode 2 - We are talking CIRCULARITY

How can we stop thinking about our empty packaging as waste, and make sure we see things like plastic bottles made from PET as a valuable commodity? One company which is doing just that is Closed Loop Partners in the US. Nestlé Waters has been working with them to help turn our garbage into a sustainable resource.

With Ron Gonen, CEO, and Bridget Croke, Managing Director, learn more about what the two companies do to improve the recycling infrastructure in the US.

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Episode 3 - We are talking PET ♳

It’s the material of choice for millions of water bottles. PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate - has been around for decades, but what could the bottle of the future look like? Two of Nestlé Waters’ leading polymer chemists talk about their work to make bottles even better for the consumer and the planet.

Jean-Francois Briois is in charge of the group responsible for quality, material science and sustainability at Nestle Waters’, and Charlyse Pouteau researches bio-plastics and bio-polymers.

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