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Young Italians to become R-Generation ambassadors

Nestlé Vera mineral water launch on November 16th the fourth “Collecting Plastic & Sowing Our Future” itinerant educational campaign. Nestlé Vera is a Sanpellegrino brand that has always been environmentally friendly and pro-active in the social/economic life of areas close to its water sources.

Nestlé Vera mineral water wants this campaign to inform Italian primary school children on the importance of recycling. It will also help them join the R-Generation by raising their awareness on good PET recycling management and teaching them to respect the environment from younger age.

“After the success of the first editions, we are eager to once again launch this educational competition for youngsters which this year visits Naples, Rome and Palermo,” affirmed Stefano Agostini, CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group. He continues: “R-Generation is not just a competition between classes and schools; it is a first step in their education to respect and protect the environment, starting from correct waste management. We want to stress the impact of our everyday actions on the environment around us and teach citizens from a very young age to recycle PET which, when properly collected, becomes a great resource.”

This year’s initiative involves primary schools in Naples, Rome and, for the first time, Palermo. The educational impact of the campaign has drawn the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the relevant municipal authorities.

Packaging plays a key role as it allows mineral water – which by law must be bottled at its place of origin – to arrive on consumers’ tables pure and exactly the same as when it flows from the spring. PET is the ideal material for this as it is light, safe, environmental friendly and 100% recyclable.

The “Collecting Plastic & Sowing Our Future” is also a competition which has two targets:
  Pupils and Schools, which will challenge each other in every city for the titles of the “Top R-Generator School”, “R-Generator Class Diary”, and “Top R-Generator Class”.
  Families which will compete for the “R-Generator Family” price.

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