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Celebrating World Water Day

Enhancing water stewardship efforts to fight the impacts of climate change
World Water Day 2020

To celebrate World Water Day, Nestlé Waters reveals it has surpassed its 2020 target of achieving Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) International certification for its facilities.

The original goal was to have 20 factories certified to the international standard, given to organizations in recognition for the way they look after water, by 2020. At the end of 2019, Nestlé Waters certified 27 sites to the global standard. By the end of 2020 40 facilities will have achieved certification, including sites in the US, Lebanon, Mexico, Italy and Thailand.

The United Nations-supported World Water Day, which takes place on 22 March 2020, shines a light on water and climate change – and how the two issues are closely linked. A strong focus on adapting to climate change impacts on the water cycle, including droughts and floods, helps protect human health and saves lives. Meanwhile, using water more efficiently will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Nestlé Waters’ water stewardship activities at facilities globally are part of its commitment to address these challenges. To be AWS certified, sites must show they are taking concrete action to help preserve shared water resources and work with local communities to improve local watersheds.

Not only does AWS certification show a commitment to water stewardship within an organization’s premises, it also promotes knowledge sharing among those within a water catchment area. This helps major water users better understand the impact of their activities, and work with others on the sustainable management of shared water resources.

We know that a sustainable use of water is one that benefits people, nature and business. That’s why preserving the local water resources we share with local communities is a major priority for us.Carlo Galli, head of Sustainability at Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters knows that the sustainability of shared water resources requires that all water users work together. As part of the Nestlé Group, we seek to use our experience to show that good water stewardship is possible and to encourage other major water users to join us in committing to the AWS Standard.