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From 31 March to 4 April, on the occasion of the Sustainable development Week 2014, more than 100 volunteer employees of Valvert, Vittel, Contrex - Hépar, Perrier and Quezac bottling plants (France) proposed educational and recreational activities about water.

From 31 March to 4 April nearly 700 students from more than 20 different primary schools.

Were invited to these events. The workshops were based on educational activities developed by Nestlé Waters long-term partner, The Project WET Foundation (Water Education for Teachers) which is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2014.

This year, the workshops were:
• Hydration: (vital'eau) workshop to raise awareness of the role of water in the body
• Respect water: (ecol'eau) workshop to raise awareness of respect for water and biodiversity
• Water on Earth: (planèt'eau) workshop to explain why the earth is called the blue planet
• Recycling and sorting: workshop "good sort, to recycle more"

The WET Academie in Video (In French)