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Water is Life, Wellness and Health

11th June 2015 marked a momentous day for the “Hydration” topic: at Milan EXPO 2015, a Sanpellegrino's event showed the joint commitment of public and private players, the academia, the scientific community, institutions and the industry to this theme. That was Hydration and Health, the hidden link, the conference organized together with FEMTEC and the promoters of the Charter of Milan, where the discussion focused on wellness, health and the fundamental role of appropriate hydration in the prevention of many diseases.

The conference programme featured high-calibre domestic and international experts as well as representatives from the WHO, Italy’s Ministry of Health and the Charter of Milan.

It was a journey through all the dangers that inadequate or inappropriate hydration poses to human health, from the most well-known (e.g. reduced skin elasticity and kidney function) to the least known and most surprising (e.g. decreased ability to focus and increased blood thickness).

A journey originated from the evidences emerged from the Water & Health: How water protects and Improves health overall Consensus Paper which provides scientific information about hydration including clinical trial data from a review of scientific literature conducted by FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, with the technical support of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine team of the World Health Organization (WHO).

That information is reflected in the Manifesto of Hydration, the document that sets forth the golden rules for appropriate hydration from experts in the field.

Two questions to Stefano Agostini, Chairman and CEO, Sanpellegrino Group:

The first Manifesto of Hydration and the ‘Water & Health: how water protects and improves health overall’ Consensus Paper have been presented at Milan EXPO 2015 and will be among the scientific contributions to the Charter of Milan. What does this day mean to the Sanpellegrino Group?

This day means a lot to us. As a Group with a long-standing commitment to building a culture of appropriate hydration we are delighted that this occasion sanctions what we have always tried to bring to attention: appropriate hydration is good for health. Sanpellegrino has long been dedicated to building a widespread culture of appropriate hydration, and we are grateful to the Professors of our Expert Centre who work with the Sanpellegrino Group providing advice and insight from research, helping us and supporting us in our efforts.

Today marks a somewhat historic moment: the first global Consensus on Hydration, the first Manifesto of Hydration, the first official call for a World Hydration Day, an alliance of the academia, the scientific community, institutions and the industry built on a common goal in the public interest. What are your expectations going forward?

That appropriate hydration can truly become one of the health goals of future generations. I believe the significance of a day like today lies in the tangibility of its results: a notable scientific effort that I hope will lay the foundations of a different approach to hydration, both domestically and internationally, one under which hydration is viewed per se as crucial for human health and not just as a component of diet. This is why the presence here today of representatives from the Charter of Milan and Italy’s Health Ministry has been so important for the Manifesto and the Consensus to truly be the first step in a long-term, fruit-bearing action. We are very pleased of having contributed to some extent to this project, which, in a way, is the culmination of our long-standing commitment to these themes and efforts to promote them.