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VITTEL® x You, a new tagline for the official water of the Tour de France

Vittel Tour de France

Vittel is proud to be the official water of the Tour de France untill 2023


VITTEL® x You, a source of positive energy

With a party atmosphere along the entire route, VITTEL® promotes healthy and natural hydration for the whole family.

The Tour de France is also an opportunity for VITTEL® to promote its environmental strategies and raise public awareness about sorting and recycling plastic bottles. The answer to pollution issues has to be a collective approach!

Vittel Tour de France commitments

Come And Join Vittel® And Its Vision At The Tour De France!

Around the world, plastic packaging is increasingly being washed up on our beaches and damaging our oceans. However, when collected and sorted properly, bottles and bottle tops are a resource rather than waste items... They are fully recyclable.

For this reason, at VITTEL®, managing the impact of our plastic packaging is a major environmental challenge. Our response is a two-pronged approach: promoting the collection, sorting and recycling f bottles, and investing in research and development to reduce the environmental impact of our bottles and innovating to produce new containers.

Alongside these initiatives, VITTEL® is also a partner of Gestes Propres (French anti-littering campaign group), and has been working with them to combat littering for over 25 years.

Vittel recycled bio-sourced bottles

Through its partnership with the Tour de France, VITTEL®, will encourage spectators of the Tour to join them in spreading the word about the importance of sorting and recycling plastic bottles.

Information will be shared by VITTEL® with spectators all the way round the route.

Meet our ambassadors at the Start and Finish lines, ahead of and in the caravan in their specially designed vehicles!

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