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VITTEL®: supporting our carbon neutral commitment

Vittel train carbon neutral commitment

The new hybrid train service is a technological innovation

Since late October 2019, VITTEL® natural mineral water has been transported by the first hybrid bi-mode locomotive in Europe. The new EURODUAL train transports VITTEL® natural mineral water between the plant located in the Vosges and the Arles logistics platform near Marseille, more than 600 km away.


80% reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions

There are 3 trains per week, about 150 trains a year, which transport VITTEL® natural mineral water. The use of EURODUAL makes it possible to switch to almost all electric power and thus to reduce by 80% the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions on each journey.

hybrid train Vittel

The introduction of hybrid trains will save around 1,920 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to today.

Around 50% of VITTEL® natural mineral water will be transported by rail at the end of 2019 throughout France. A rate that is five times higher than the national average for rail freight transport.

The move to sustainable transportation for VITTEL® is the latest action to support Nestlé’s commitment to become carbon neutral across its supply chain by 2050.


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