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Vittel - it's Time To Move

Have you ever seen those enthusiastic joggers running through the city, always looking so healthy? It’s too bad that tasks of cleaning, ironing, cooking, grocery shopping… and thousands other reasons keep you away from joining them… Well, do not hesitate longer! Vittel sees these labors as a challenge and answers with thecampaign providing you the #1 luxury of our modern lives: time for yourself. So let’s go, it’s Time To Move!


According to a recent research*, 42%of French people don’t work out enough due to lack of time, and 24% of them because of lack of motivation. So Vittel is launching an original initiative offering to all customers taking part into the “Vittel – Time To Move” campaign.

No doubt you’d jump into your running shoes and take off. Win one of 100 prizes of a year's worth of private cleaning, gardening, cooking and other domestic services of their choice, up to 100 hours. You might get out for a run or a work out session, and focus on an unusual goal: enjoying yourself. Bye-Bye sweepers, sponges and mops… Welcome health, fitness and fun!

The international operation is effective from April 1st to the end of 2016 in various countries (France,Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Benelux). It will be advertised on television and the brand’s website. To go further, and create more buzz, a one-hour running race will be organised in France at the autumn time. Don’t lose another minute!

 * Ipsos observatoire du sport 2012