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Vittel celebrates the centenary of the Tour de France.

Vittel, official partner of the Tour de France, celebrates the hundredth year of the world’s most prestigious cycling event.

This perfect marriage between the Tour and its hundreds of millions spectators lining the roads, has lasted 100 years. In France, when a love story lasts 100 years, we celebrate the Water Wedding Anniversary!

map of the tour de France 2013
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Vittel has decided to pay a tribute to all of those who contributed to the magic of this very long love story : personalities, sporting legends and water-carriers alike have all been essential in building and sustaining this unique marriage.

The Vittel caravan will follow the tour, inviting every day of the week former participants of the tour. The brand will also hand out to the spectator for free the “Eaufficiel du Tour”, a daily newspaper with a print run of 500,000 which will include highlights on people who have worked behind the scenes this past century to made this magnificent love story possible.

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Key Figures :
1 000 000 bottles distributed to support the staff and audiance
500 000 copies of the daily “Eaufficiel” handed out for free
100 000 BIC pens distributed to spectators on daily finish line
50 000 supporters’ kits distributed to spectators
100 years of marriage = water wedding anniversary
53 Vittelised caravan staff serving the public
18 Giants of the Tour alongside Vincent Barteau
14 Vittel vehicles in the Advertising Caravan
5 members of Team Vittel to animate the Tour
1 manager: Vincent Barteau, the only former yellow jersey in the Caravan

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